Temperature check - Swapmining : Should we incentivize swapping?

It seems like there aren’t many against this, and I don’t have a low level understanding, but I wonder how much of the token realistically would be distributed to regular users vs the additional gas fee to claim it. If the distribution is feasible, as a small user, I want to say that I’d much rather see incentives go towards offsetting the gas fees in participating in governance vs executing swaps.


I agree a lot on this matter. Incentivising by doing multiple tasks on the same page. Oversight and cleanliness.

I think this is far superior than liquidity mining. LP already get trading fees, if we want to subsidize them further, we should direct more trading fees to UNI buybacks. Increasing volume directly impacts LP profits as well as encouraging integration. What I’d really like to see is a swap-reward that scales up as gas fees increase to help subsidize user fees. This may also have the effect of improving liquidity during market stress.

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