Temperature Check - [Should the community delegate a working group to make recommendations on the liquidity mining program?]

Should the community delegate a working group to make recommendations on the liquidity mining program?

The community is struggling to determine a future for the liquidity mining program. I would like to gauge interest in setting up a working group to broadly analyze the following:

(1) The efficacy of the initial liquidity mining program
(2) What programs could be run moving forward

The recommendations of the working group would be non-binding .

If this temperature check passes, I would like to do the following:

(1) Solicit volunteers for this group in the forums
(2) Determine an ideal structure for the working group and specific work product through a series of dedicated Zoom calls
(3) Create a governance proposal to formally acknowledge the working group and its structure

Link to snapshot: https://snapshot.page/#/uniswap/proposal/QmWoBCx1sgUE21RQbRcK2gcBS5sS4PKPcthNtauzJ1SAUf

Note: The snapshot starts at 5pm ET on Friday November 13th and ends at 5pm ET on Sunday November 15th


I’m hearing the first call wasn’t so productive (which is to be expected, I think, seeing as it’s the first one).
So, yes, a working group with a precise issue will be more efficient.

Unfortunately, the Snapshot page won’t let me vote, not sure why ? Do you need to delegate the UNI to vote on snapshot too ?

In my personal view, we should cut at least ONE of the stables.
And implement UNI-ETH LP incentivization.
On top of that, slow down the current rewards (inflation) rate.

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Snapshot wouldn’t let me start the vote until tomorrow, for some reason. You can vote as of 5pm ET tomorrow :slight_smile:

FYI the snapshot vote is now live … please vote!

This vote, despite unanimous approval, did not reach the required threshold (25k UNI).