Temperature Check - Deploy Uniswap V3 on AVAX

I think it’d be great for users and the long-term health and success of the Uniswap Protocol if we just accept a multi-chain world and serve all the users.

Uniswap V3 is truly revolutionary and any chain that does not have it, suffers from inferior automated liquidity provisioning IMO.

It would be good for Uniswap and AVAX if we could deploy there.

I don’t think it would be very difficult.

What do you think?



To add to this:

AVAX feels like it has the qualities of a chain that will capture users.

I think it is in the best interest of both users and the protocol to establish a foothold there now.

AAVE is headed there.

The AVAX team would probably even shower our users with some liquidity incentives if we would make the move.

The mission of Uniswap, as I understand it, is to offer users best execution. Don’t AVAX users deserve this feature as well?


Personally I love the idea. I think the Uniswap community would be greatly benefited by stepping into the multi-chain world.
This will be a hard sell to the community. You would have my vote.


While the snapshot poll failed to capture the required amount of UNI.

Hundreds of UNI holders voted YES. But here we are… Blowing an easy chance to establish DEX dominance on AVAX.

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The contracts are open source. Does it actually need a vote? Can’t any community member deploy the contracts on Avalanche?


The contracts are released under a business license that can be amended by the developers or the token holders.

While it could be forked illicitly, that’s not the same thing as a supported deployment.

Avalanche isn’t going anywhere.
It’s just going to get bigger.

Uniswap is a trading application that’s purportedly to serve users.

It’s nice to see that it’s getting deployed on Matic.
But this is not an aggressive enough strategy to seize market share IMO.

We should be thinking about Harmony, FTM, BSC…
[How arrogant to think we shouldn’t be competing to serve these users.]
Or at least Avalanche.



There was a poll and it received 99% voter support. If the community deployed it on Avalanche it does not seem illicit. If the deployer enabled the 5 bps fee similar to sushi with the fee going to a community fund that is effectively purchasing a commercial license.


would love to see UNI on AVAX aswell. I use the chain quite often as do so many users


If we deploy to avalanche, we should turn on the fee switch and make a staking contract to distribute the fee to staked UNI holders. to experiment Uniswap like CRV on Avalanche may be a good idea, which in the future can be implemented on the Ethereum main net if it works out.

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We need to speed up the deployment to Multi Chain and accelerate the promotion steps! Let’s speed up the voting!

We’re building a DeFi game on AVAX and are counting on being able to use V3!
Noticed you already have a successful temp check on an AVAX deployment. Also noticed you’re trying to help community members deploy to all EVM-compatible chains in your latest blog post.

So I was hoping to ask:

  1. When are you planning to deploy to AVAX?
  2. Could we potentially help accelerate the AVAX deployment?

We’re hopeful we won’t have to delay our game launch because of what feels like a purely logistical issue, given the positive temp check and the overall intention to deploy everywhere.

Please help us launch on time!