How to speed up V3 deployment on AVAX?


We’re building a DeFi game and want to build it with V3 as our liquidity pool infrastructure.
We’re planning to deploy to game on AVAX, but V3 isn’t deployed there yet.

We noticed AVAX passed the temp check, with no on-chain vote yet.

We’re wondering:

  • How might we accelerate the deployment of V3 on AVAX?
  • Can we deploy V3 as a service to the community?
  • If it’ll take time to get to AVAX, can we deploy a small deployment just so our game has LPs, and then migrate to the official V3 when it comes to AVAX?

Would love your support please to launch our game with V3 pools on AVAX soon.
Thank you!


Unfortunately, uniswap V3 on avalanche may not happen anytime soon

The snapshot to deploy Uniswap V3 onto AVAX did not receive that much attention (Snapshot)

(10k UNI votes, ~200 voters)

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Thanks @Log ! Do you know why it didn’t receive much attention?
AVAX has one of the largest DeFi ecosystems after Ethereum, so I thought it would be a great fit.
I believe the main issue right now is that their bridge doesn’t support general function calls, only ERC20 transfers between chains, so it doesn’t support the desired governance architecture.

Is it not moving forward because of the governance issue, or are there other concerns?

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I know this didn’t gain much traction this time around. I would still love to see it happen. When it resurfaces, let me know! Would love to help this get traction.

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