[Temp Check] - Migrate the Celo Uniswap V3 Factory Contract owner from Optics to Wormhole

Link to snapshot


The Celo deployment of the Uniswap Protocol is currently connected to the mainnet governance contracts via Optics. The Optics bridge is not currently approved by the Uniswap Bridge Assessment Committee and is not on a path to be approved. To that end, we put forward this proposal to change the cross-chain messaging protocol used to interact with the Celo deployment of Uniswap from Optics to Wormhole.


  1. Deploy a new Wormhole bridge receiver contract on Celo. This contract was deployed on July 5th, 2023 and its configuration was verified by the Wormhole team and the Uniswap Foundation.
  2. Change the owner of the UniswapV3Factory contract on Celo from the existing Optics bridge receiver to the new Wormhole bridge receiver

A governance vote will be required to make this change. Per the normal governance process, this RFC will remain open for a week and the Celo and Wormhole teams will answer any questions that arise. After a week, a Snapshot poll will be posted. Pending a successful Snapshot, an on-chain vote will be instantiated.

Upon completion of this procedure, subsequent governance messages destined for Celo will be transmitted via the UniswapWormholeMessageSender 0xf5F4496219F31CDCBa6130B5402873624585615a and received on Celo by the wormholeReceiverContract 0x0Eb863541278308c3A64F8E908BC646e27BFD071.


In alignment with the standards endorsed by the Uniswap DAO’s cross-chain bridge assessment team, this proposal recommends migrating the Celo UniswapV3Factory contract owner from the Optics bridge to the Wormhole bridge. This shift will make use of the existing Optics governance bridge to implement the transition and ensure that the cross-chain governance mechanism aligns with the assessment team’s recognized structure.

Update: Celo as a Layer Two

We recognize Celo’s move to an L2 on Ethereum. However, given Optics’ impending phase-out before Celo completes this transition, it’s important we proceed with the proposed switch to the Wormhole bridge rather than postponing until after the transition and then proposing a bridge migration. After Celo’s transition to an L2, we may reassess and propose a further migration to the canonical bridge.




L2BEAT is voting FOR this proposal in the temperature check as it is in line with the recommendations of the Uniswap Bridge Assessment Committee.