[RFC] Uniswap V3 deployment on Taiko

Super happy to see Taiko maturing, one of the most interesting projects in the zkEVM space imo.

Want to flag that there are changes being made to the v3 deployment process described in @devinwalsh’s post here.

  • notably the final onchain vote requires a deployment is already made to Taiko mainnet. You are free to move forward with a temperature check snapshot vote at anytime I believe. May be preferable to have a testnet deployment before doing so, but y’all are free to make that choice.

Also, may be out of personal interest, but would be cool to open some discussion here about how MEV might play a role in uniswap v3 on Taiko.

My understanding is Taiko has completely permissionless block proposing where Ethereum validators decide the order/inclusion of blocks. Because Taiko blocks are submitted as a single L1 txn, Taiko creates the oppourtunity for a multi-block MEV marketplace leveraging existing L1 bundling markets.

Inclusively, because Taiko blocks share the same mempool and validators as Ethereum (therefore same mempool as the v3 deployment on L1), we actually open up conversation around cross-chain MEV for two v3 deployments on different chain.

It’s interesting because this doesn’t require any new fancy shared mempool/validator set architecture. I think we could see a single L1 mev-boost bundle which includes the rebalancing of pools across two v3 deployments as is today (if taiko had a v3 main net deployment).

I think this is just generally cool and makes me excited about making an official v3 deployment on Taiko. As far as I know, no other architectures allow for multi-block MEV or cross-chain arbitrage with this level of certainty. Again, this is because Taiko blocks are finalized/ordered as ethereum L1 txns, hence share infrastructure with L1 v3.

Beyond the competence of Taiko as a valid player in the zkEVM space, I think this deployment has much more to offer to Uniswap community than meets the eye. I support.