[RFC] : Fix "The Graph" and fix the order routing

Proposal summary

Deploy a new subgraph and fix the Smart Order Routing Algorithm.

Overview of proposal

The Graph & Uniswap Analytics

Uniswap Analytics has been very difficult to use for several months, for Arbitrum (and sometimes for other blockchains like Optimism and Polygon). Analytics and information availability is an essential element of DeFI.
Some pools, although liquid, are not indexed, just like certain tokens. As a result, some projects may have difficulty reassuring their community about available liquidity and transparency.

Cause: According to the Uniswap team (Discord: https://discord.com/channels/597638925346930701/597638926152499206/1207179021662822421), the problem would be linked to a subgraph deployed on The Graph.

Smart Order Routing

Furthermore, the order routing algorithm (called Smart Order Routing) is not effective for certain tokens.
Indeed, when a token has several pools, some of which have a price totally disconnected from reality (because of low liquidity or simply the fact of a dishonest user), the algorithm used by Uniswap is unable to find the best possible route.

Example below taken on Arbitrum :

  • USDT/USDC.E/DAI: no problem
  • With USDC: The order is routed through an extremly low liquidity pool ( USDC->WETH WETH->REUNI ) instead of using ( USDC->USDT USDT-> REUNI )


Deploy a new subgraph as quickly as possible in order to have Uniswap Analytics 100% functional.

Correct the Smart Order Routing algorithm (URL: /quote) internally, or, if necessary, ask the community to develop it in exchange for a grant.


Hi @GoldenNaim,

If you’re looking for robust Uniswap v3 analytics and data, you should check out our Oku Analytics and API. Oku indexes all our data directly from the chain rather than using the standard subgraph. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out on Discord.

We also have a fix for your routing question coming soon.

Hello !

Thank you for your answer, I promise, I’ll take a closer look at Oku.

But the Proposal here is to directly fix Uniswap Analytics and improve the SOR ( /quote )

Most of users who want data about a token on Uniswap are trying to search it on Uniswap Analytics. And those who want to swap hope to get the best price .

Hey @GoldenNaim - info.uniswap.org is owned by Uniswap Labs. Protocol governance (which is what happens in this forum) doesn’t have any special rights as it relates to Uniswap Labs’ dev resources. The Discord you linked is the best place to get in touch with them and ask for status updates, but the subgraphs have been a long-standing issue that have proven hard to solve.

The Uniswap Foundation (separate entity, funded by Uniswap Governance) funded Oku, which Getty linked above, in part to address the issues posed by the subgraphs.

Hello, thank you for your answer and sorry for being on the wrong place.
Sadly, talking about it on Discord doesn’t lead to any change since months.

Same for the Smart Order Routing on the main interface, after putting the issue on github : https://github.com/Uniswap/interface/issues/7646

I thought this was the proper way, because I think it’s important that the protocol has a working interface and SOR algorithm.

That said, I take note of your response.

Thank you.

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