No future liquidity mining incentive and treasury burn

With the success of yfi tokenomics, what do community think of dropping future liquidity mining incentives, and burn some of the treasury allocation? This would help safeguarding the protocol from hostile takeover from large centralized players such as binance ftx bitmex (who are farming UNI at large scales).


We are all here for one reason, to reach and secure the future of uniswap as a community and a business but also for ourselfs, so in this being said if we have to burn tokens to safeguard from future takeovers then logically its a no brainer!:slight_smile:


I say yes to burning, we just have to get to an agreement of how many to burn

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Firm no from me.

  1. Currently the fully diluted UNI supply is evenly weighted between the community (~60%) and the core team + investors (~40%). If the community burns from its own allocation, this will reduce the decentralization of the platform.
  2. A large remaining allocation of community tokens (currently 45% after the 15% already distributed) will help encourage more users, liquidity, and growth of the platform. This will make number go up much more than just burning tokens.

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