No clear road ahead on how the next incentivized pools will be decided?

There are only 7 days left until the current rewards end, yet there is no clear road, not even discussion on how the next pools to be incentivized will be decided.
I just went through the forum quickly, there are couple threads relevant, but nothing specific and absolutely nothing about the process of how this will be decided or voted by the community as I imagine is the plan?


Hi Friends,

I am also took LP?

What will happen after 7 days. Is there anyone to help?



Your observation is keen. However, I think there are related discussions already on going such as restructuring LP fees and how rewards should solely be distributed…ETH/UNI.

You might also want to check out recent announcement on meeting on 12th November.


Yes saw this one but just that, no voting or discussion on how will this be decided.
and incentive for just one pool? Hm that would be odd.