Long term value sustain and prevent farming dump like curve

To make long term value accrual , it’s must that , whales don’t farm all the tokens and dump on retail users in Centralised exchages.

To prevent this

1- UNI liquidity pool with liquidty rewards must be created with major rewards going to UNI pool

2- Small liquidity providers( say providing liquidty below 1000usd) must be incentivised and a fix number of tokens kept for them , also it needs to mentioned that some mechanism to protect Sybil attack must be done to do this safely

3- partner with yearn and other good ecosystem projects to to grow more utility

4- Make governance gasless and apply quadratic Voting to nullify whale attack

Please if you like my idea , comment hail Uniswap :unicorn: and like and suggest improvements on above.

Also any generous person put this proposal as I don’t know how to do it.

Thanks , Hail Uniswap :unicorn::unicorn::unicorn:


i think proposal nr 2 is difficult to implement.
How would you prevent whales from just dividing their capital into small pieces to collect the incentive?

Thanks for the knowledge really gained a lot

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