I'm new here. I need some help

I’m Ridoy Khan Rana.

If you Don’t mind i want to telk with you.
I promised to you, i never pm you first without your permission.

Advance Thanks.:heart:

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Sure Ridoy we can talk! :slight_smile:

Hello all users, just made my first swap today. I got a eMax, on the second swap there was a similar token EMAX but there is something very fishy about that one. Can one token be a scam and be linked to the other one in my wallet? Please advice. BR Jochny

Me too! I bought eMax, and uniswap bought the wrong version of this (guess its the old version) It shows up in trust wallet with an icon that says ‘deprecated coin do not use’ When buying it in uniswap i typed in eMax, and the correct looking coin popped up.(red diamond in a blue circle) and everything looked fine.
I cant figure out how to move what i bought from the wong eMax to the right one (red diamond in a blue circle) in trust wallet…im new at this and how things like this happen mystify me?? Shouldnt uniswap remove old icons or tokens of the same name so things like this dont happen. It also says that i have $50k of this wrong eMax…odd when i only bought $200 worth…very confused.

Edit… Figured out that i chose the old icon in uniswap…traded them back so all is good now. In the future ill copy the contract address into uniswap so it knows exactly what coin i want and not rely on uniswaps search.

Hi there, I’ve had exactly same issue but today I’ve managed to convert back the odd one to ETH and get correct one. You probably can try to same, or maybe even convert from EMAX to eMax directly that just came to my head, you will only pay fee once. There is still problem with a leftovers that are in my wallet and not sure how to deal with that. My preference would be a to erase it completely from the wallet without any trace. Hope this helps. BR J

There is this Token “eMin” with contract address “0x2b4d3bfcaeb943e00c333afe8d9aa7c06ba487d5”

Is it perfectly Normal → swapping ETH with some new Token and not being able to swap back to ETH on Uniswap?

I am facing this issue with this token. Can this kind of scam be stopped on Uniswap?

Because It is very strange that there is only one way not other, then what is the meaning of SWAP if one can’t swap his token in ETH back.

I can understand we should do our own research about a token. but it doesn’t mean that Uniswap allows this kind of blatant theft by only allowing to buy a token and not sell.

Please help. Thanks