How to allocate UNI to unlock voting! ( NEWCOMERS WHO USE META OR TRUST WALLETS)

Please don’t think if you don’t use Metamask or Trustwallet when interacting with Uniswap that I’m excluding anyone, I can only speak from my experience, but anyone is welcome to put any other methods that may differ. Main reason I did this Post, to give a place for Newcomers to get advice about any wallet from others who have experience with other wallets.
Thank you for your understanding in advance
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At first I was Intimidated to hit the approve button on my Metamask wallet to unlock voting for Uniswap Governance voting. I first want to thank all in the community who have supported some posts of mine, this whole UNI token ( Receiving/Not Receiving) thing has taken away from possibly discussing other creative ways to allow UNI token to mature and thrive in a competitive DEFI space.
But that is not how I would like this thread to go, rather a place Newcomers can come to get some color on the whole Unlocking Voting on the VOTE tab on Uniswap Interface. (THIS EXPERIENCE WAS DONE ON METAMASK AND TRUST WALLET, any other wallets I can not speak for.
It is really as easy as 1,2,3!! To explain basically what the contract that your signing says in short, I’ve put together my experience so those who may feel the same way when it asks you to approve your UNI for voting. Thats it, yea I know, like really. All your doing is giving a certain permission to the Governance contract that you will be voting with said UNI. Metamask pops up ( or whatever wallet your using, in my case I used Metamask and Trust Wallet)


yeah man this was some impressive sh#t costed me 6euro in eth. only to find out there were no proposals till in 29 days…but we rock and we love UNISWAP!!!


Absolutely Tim, #UNILife!!! Thanks for stopping by👍🏾


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