Governance and development team interaction


I am not sure if this is the right place to post this discussion subject. However, after circulating around the UNI community Forum for the past weeks, it is not clear to me how the Development team and the UNI Governance work\function together.

Is there even common goals?

It may appear to me that there is some disconnect, but I may be wrong. I am just trying to understand how those two “entities” interact and reach common goals.

Ultimately, the UNI community was formed because the development team wanted to.

Shine in your comments or opinions.


Please refer community call.

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I would like to see a commitment to monthly community calls so token holders can get updates from the broader community and dev teams. Despite wanting to participate more, I feel relatively uninformed and unengaged.

Last I checked, Uniswap wanted to hire a community manager.

I don’t think they hired one, as there still seems to be near-0 interaction with the community.

What we get now is big delegates like monet-supply and coopa toopa something or other guy (I forget his name, sorry) just abandoning proposals w/o even giving a reason. Quality discussions that went on for more than a month, down the drain. Radio-silence. I tried to continue the discussion in the Discord, but got censored by Micah who admits that he doesn’t follow the debates we have here (and who also claims that UNI’s sole purpose is to fund development !).

So, yeah, it is very grim right now. I think everyone can admit it.
But it doesn’t mean it can’t change.
Uniswap could hire someone nice, for starters. Someone that takes care of the relationships with the community.
In a couple of months, Uni gov. could be as active as Compound/Maker gov, etc.