Fee switch date approaching, time to act

does it updated so lets do it

lets do it we are all ready

i am agree if it is updated

It could be proposed if a big delegate decides its a good time to do it.

Wish I had enough votes to get this started. Tagging @Getty to get his thoughts and to get traction on a proposal.

I believe as long as a proposal is formally submitted. The community will for sure to vote for it. A decentralized community shouldn’t wait for the SEC to give guidance.


Do we have the 2,5M votes to formally submit it?

The 2.5m submission needs to come from one single address right? Only a handful of UNI holders can do that right now.

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well, fish.vote can help with that.


update? it seems real situation lets go on to the moon

I am totally agree with this lets do it
go on

It costs around $600 to interact with fish.vote :frowning:

Yeah, thats the downside. Governance is expensive atm…

We need fees switch activation. A lot of protocols on Ethereum give some return to token holders.

Yeah, can any whale make a proposal? I’m sure it will be passed if it is submitted.