@Esk3nder [ENS Labs] Delegate Platform

Key Info

Name: Eskender Abebe
Delegate Address: 0x59B8712f3338496754912CC7452da5F50b1bEcB3
Twitter: @Esk3nder

As a Uniswap Governance Delegate, I will be representing ENS Labs


In my roles throughout Web3 I’ve focused on providing product level leadership and long-term strategy consulting. My focus tends to be from the protocol out, solving for root issues from first-principles typically has the best long term impact.

I’ve been in crypto since 2015, and that experience has allowed me to explore and grow my expertise across numerous verticals - DeFi, Tokenomics, Sybil-resistance, DAOs, etc. I’m hoping to leverage my professional and degenerate experiences to assist Uniswap in living up to its name, and becoming the “The One”.

What do I want to see happen in Uniswap governance over the next year?

In the next year, I want to see Uniswap’s governance structure evolve to discuss and prepare for the technical changes coming to Ethereum (ex. EIP-4844, EIP-4337, L3s). These upgrades could provide significant opportunities for Uniswap and the broader ecosystem.

I’m motivated to become a delegate to foster a deeper connection and mutual growth between the ENS and Uniswap protocols and growing the ecosystem together. Uniswap is the market-leading DeFi protocol, on which the broader ecosystem heavily relies. ENS is the market-leading blockchain naming protocol on which the ecosystem heavily relies. These organizations have much to gain from each other through active participation in protocol governance.

Skills and areas of expertise:

My skill set and areas of expertise encompass a wide range of disciplines that can be valuable to Uniswap governance.

– My product and project management background helps drive projects from inception to completion, ensuring stepwise execution.

– My experience in organizational development and Web3 native technologies has equipped me with the knowledge to navigate the complexities of the decentralized ecosystem.

– Additionally, my knowledge of infrastructure, wallets, and namespaces bolster my ability to contribute effectively to the Uniswap governance process.

Past contributions to Uniswap ecosystem and/or demonstrated protocol knowledge:

None! Other than swapping tokens and providing liquidity (V2 & V3). I’m excited to join Uniswap as a first-time contributor and to bring a fresh perspective.

Views on the past 3 Uniswap governance proposals –

Uniswap Deployments Accountability Committee:

I fully support this initiative. Licensure and deployments are one if, if not the most important part of governance, and this proposal reinforces Uniswaps commitment to an effective deployment process, making sure delegates discuss quality/credibility, and work directly with the proposer team for validation.

Uniswap V3 Launch on Polygon zkEVM:

I am in full support of the cross-chain deployment of Uniswap to the Polygon zkEVM. Polygons ethos of being Ethereum-aligned and the increased scalability of zkEVMs make them a natural expansion point for the Uniswap protocol.

Post-BSL Cross-chain Deployment Process & New Uniswap.eth Subdomain:

I support this proposal due to its excellent use of ENS subdomains and the potential to become a standard deployment process within the ecosystem. Creating the record makes it clear to the ecosystem what version of Uniswap should be used, and we should next look into how we can do this across chains.

This proposal aligns perfectly with my vision of how protocol governance should evolve, and how Uniswap and ENS can lead the way together.

Top Issues:

Cross Chain Deployments:

These should be tactical and follow a single standard to ensure proper vetting. Not to fast, not to slow – just right.

Fee Switch:

Worth investigating but it should balance our ethos, its impact in a competitive DeFi environment, and the regulatory environment.

DAO Working Groups:

Moving the right functions away from Labs, and to the DAO, will help with parallelizing execution. More research and experimentation in budgeting, project based initiatives, etc. should be top of mind.

Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest:

  • Product Manager, Consensys
  • Project Management Contributor, ENS

I will abstain wherever my professional contributions could create a conflict of interest or be considered controversial.