Enhancing User Experience (Good Vibes)

Users spend a lot of time waiting for transactions to process on Uniswap, how cool would it be to have some inspiring quotes, words of wisdom, gags etc that people can read as they wait…


Or blurbs about ethereum/crypto history!


indeed the options are endless, might need to use light colored letters to keep it non distracting :wink:

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BTW … Thats a great idea dude !


:thinking:usually I change windows when tx is processing, no need for entertainment for me though

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Exactly, thats my point/… We flip to another tab… or…(during loading time) we all are forced to stare at a boring page, when It could be much more… (More Enlightening)… We could Inspire , Share Knowledge etc… (too millions of people* meditate on how powerful that is)

Life doesnt have to be lame, dull , boring, or uninspired… or does it lol?

Im thinking quotes from ancient samurai, zen wisdoms, tao te ching, martial arts philosophy, etc… (stuff that will blow your mind/ enhance your day/ life… etc…)


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