Delegation of UNI to Active but Underrepresented Delegates Application Thread

Applicant Name: 404 DAO

Link to Delegate Forum Platform: Delegate Platform
Link to Snapshot Profile: Snapshot
Link to Tally/Agora/Boardroom: Tally, Agora, Boardroom

Applicant Summary

404 DAO is a non-profit born out of Blockchain at Georgia Tech. Our team encompasses a wide range of both technical and non-technical backgrounds, from analytics and business development to cybersecurity and MEV. We seek to support the development of new applications in the Uniswap ecosystem, expanding the range of users, and accumulating value to the holders of the Uniswap governance token and relevant stakeholders. We look forward to increasing our involvement in the Uniswap DAO and are ready to take on the necessary commitment that additional voting power entails.

404 DAO is also an active delegate for Arbitrum, Optimism, and dYdX. Our team is committed to transparency - our decision process, core principles, and previous work in other protocols can be found on our governance page.

Application Criteria

100% participation rate on on-chain
80% participation rate on snapshot voting
250,007 Current voting power