Delegated Delegates Accountability Thread

Following the successful passing of “Delegation of UNI to Active but Underrepresented Delegates”, 7 delegates will receive delegations. And in order to ensure accountability for the delegated delegates, StableLab will take a snaptshot of the voting record of such delegates once per month.

The details can be found here:

Based on the current metric, there can be a vote to revoke delegation to @404DAO . However, we do believe that as the delegation voting just passed, there can be 3 month grace period till March 13th 2024. But this is a reminder to the delegates that received such delegation to be aware of responsibility.


Reminder that after a long holiday break, there are now two snapshot voting, please don’t forget to vote

There are many snapshot proposals submitted by GFXLabs. I recommend the delegates to vote on them as missing them will likely make the delegates fall behind the needed metric

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Happy to share that examining past 3 months, all the delegated delegates in the initiative have 100% voting participation rate. We believe it shows that with accountability and reward active delegates, it leads to more active and secure governance @eek637