Compounding Fees in V3 LP

Hi, I’m fairly new here, so please forgive me if I missed something obvious.

My proposal is that since the V3 fees being held separately outside the LP, there could be a button to add
them back into the LP to create a compounding effect rather than having to withdraw and re-add liquidity


Just wait for the yearn vault.

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great idea!
we want a reinvestment “share class”
or at least have the option to press “reinvest” and it will do it for us, instead of claiming and doing all the steps again

other options will be just have the option to claim the rewards in one of the tokens

@cryptotraderhodl yearn would solve that but adding another protocol risk that a lot of people don’t want

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But isn’t this be something that should be integrated at the base level? Compounding is very important in finance, so it only makes sense to at least provide the option for people to easily refund their LP with the generated fees.