Fee Switch Revenue - Potential Options

Hey y’all,

I’ve received a grant from Uniswap whereby if the fee switch were turned on, what are some potential options this revenue go towards. Part of this research will be qualitative so I’m super keen on speaking to members of the uniswap community. Since the topics I’m researching touch various aspects of the uniswap protocol - I’m hoping to speak with a wide range of community members. In particular, I’d be incredibly grateful if I could speak with people that a) those that are active/ have an interest in uniswap governance b) small through large Uniswap holders c) current/ future/ past Uniswap grantees d) liquidity providers and e) are there any personas you think I have missed out?

This would be up to an hours zoom call that I’d like to happen in the first two weeks of January (but please if date/ time constraints/ method of interview are uncomfortable for you please do say and I can be flexible).

For those that would be interested, please drop me a msg on dm, telegram (@Isthisnow?), email (charles@blocksmith.tech), twitter (@blocksmithtech) or drop your preferred contact method below.

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A few options come to mind:

  1. Improving the user experience: The revenue could be used to fund development of new features or improvements to the existing platform, such as better security measures, more user-friendly interfaces, or more efficient transaction processing.
  2. Funding grants and awards: The revenue could be used to fund grants or awards for projects that are aligned with the goals of the Uniswap community, such as projects that promote decentralization, transparency, or open access to financial markets.
  3. Investing in community outreach and education: The revenue could be used to fund efforts to educate people about Uniswap and the benefits of decentralized finance (DeFi), as well as to engage with the broader DeFi community and build partnerships with other organizations.
  4. Supporting liquidity providers: The revenue could be used to incentivize liquidity providers, who are the people who provide the capital that allows traders to buy and sell tokens on the platform. This could include things like fee waivers or rewards for liquidity providers who meet certain criteria.
  5. Donating to charity: The revenue could be used to support charitable causes, either directly through donations or by supporting projects that align with the values of the Uniswap community.