Adopt 🦄 on unicode


I propose UGP or Uniswap labs or any community members in general, do a golden adoption ($5k) of the :unicorn: and thus sponsor and support the unicode initiative, imho this can be a nice precedence of web3 giving back to its roots, maybe other Ethereum projects will follow soon and we could even finally get a proper nice looking unicode for the ether


I like this idea. It is a good organization to support. $5,000 is not much.

However, there could be issues getting this enough attention for a full scale onchain vote.

Is this something that UGP or Uni Stable could support? Would be cool if there was a way to do a meta-governance UGP or Uni Stable to vote for these small type of initiatives.


I love this proposal too. I agree it would be easier for a UGP project, but it occurs to me that it would be way way way way way more fun if the entire community rallied to make this an on-chain vote. Unicode character adoption is fiat-based so the vote would be to allocate 5K worth of Uni to wijuwiju, who would convert and sponsor on behalf of the protocol. Is that right @wijuwiju ?

lol, if we do an onchain vote we will spend more ETHs on gas :slight_smile: so I suggest we allocate 10k worth of UNI to @wijuwiju so that I can reimburse all the voters :slight_smile: all the extras can got to public goods

that’s good :+1: I like this idea too


Let us know if you want help putting together a UGP proposal, we’ve done it a couple times already


Let’s discuss this during community call today!

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Follow up on the community call discussion:

If you have any more ideas and couldn’t make it to the comm call please share :slight_smile:

  1. Someone we trust in the community creates an address and everyone in the community can donate to that address. That person will then make a donation using credit card and they will be reimbursed with crypto assets we raise.

This is worded in a confusing way. The way I am reading this is, someone raises $5,000 from many individuals by those individuals donating their own money. The person who is trusted to sell the $5000 donated crypto for USD and use the credit card, gets reimbursed $5000 in UNI?

Doesnt make much sense that the person gets to profit $5000 from donations made by individuals in the community.

It would make more sense if the person were to have to reimburse all those who donated with the $5000 from the treasury. I assume this is what was meant by the snapshot.

Under this assumption. Using PartyDAO (option #3) is a great idea.

I would like to add that it would be pretty cool if the treasury could buy the NFT of the adopted Unicorn Emoji from the PartyDAO, while also reibursing those holding the partyDAO % contributed token (i.e. UNICODE token).

so idea of doing an onchain gov to directly allocate funds from treasury has been rejected during the comm call?

Sorry my English is not best.

However, if person makes 5k donation and get 5k in crypto back how do they profit 5k? Am I missing something?

not necessarily but do you think it has chance of getting to on-chain vote?

I mean, it was not clear as written that the person who donates is also reimbursing funds back out to those who provided the funds (community members), rather than keeping.

I also do not think this will pass an onchain vote. It may also be too small even for UGP, but maybe Uni Stable is a better fit (Uni Stable was created for community oriented projects)? A smaller initiative, that goes under the line of sponsorship, experimenting with PartyDAO and being able to send a NFT memento back into the treasury.

Another reason to use PartyDAO:

If the donator is recieving 5k in crypto, selling it for fiat, and then recieving 5k again to send out as a reimbursement. This may create a complicated tax situation for that person. Would be easier with PartyDAO as the NFT itself would be bought back from the contributor’s at their % rather than the donator recieving more money, and then having to send the funds recieved from reimbursement back out to contributors.


Wow! PartyDAO sounds cool