Adding a Language Translator to the Program

Is there a possibility that an automatic language translator will be included in the program?

We do not know English very well and we have to translate everything on google translate. :writing_hand:


@TMod_Marco What do you think about this topic?

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automatic translations for comments in English just would not work reliably. Since most of the content here are comments I don’t think this can succeed.

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why would it fail? We translate on twitter and we can understand what the comments say,

We cannot understand all that is written, but I think it will be useful.

Because auto translators are good to understand general idea which is discussed. However they often miss small language specific nuances and they don’t handle wider context as good.

The meaning of the text can be lost in translation and may lead to even more problems. (Especially when it is an automatic language translator, it is bound to happen)

I’m pretty sure there are browser extensions for this, and it shouldn’t be something supported by the forum itself. That being said, please check that out and if that solves your problem then I’ll lock this thread.

thanks sir, i will investigate the extensions you specified, you can lock the topic