We can learn a lot from SUSHI

Sushi has existed for a couple of months now and are aggressively trying out new ideas for governance and revenue distribution of volume to holders.

Fee Distribution
Sushi currently distributes fees from the pools to people who stake their sushi on the platform, currently about 33% of all sushi is locked up in the staking. fees generated are sold for sushi and sent to the pool, the pool grows and when you withdraw you have more sushi than you came in with.The fees collected to the pool builds up and a transaction to collect it to the stake pool is called by whoever wants it, usually its the whales paying these txs because they have the most to gain. Soon there will be a vote to change the payout to DAI instead of sushi, and the fee collection from the pool will be automated at set intervals using K3PR. These are way better ideas than buying and burning or most of the other fee distribution proposals.

With sushi you also get voting power for staking, meaning it pays and encourages voting participation. Currently I am lending out my UNI to gain interest, which prohibits me from voting on UNI proposals and I know many people are in the same boat with providing liquidity to incentivized pools. Sushi also gives voting power to people contributing to the sushi-eth pool, why are the financial and political interest not intertwined more in UNI?

In the same way that litecoin is a great testnet for bitcoin, sushi can be a great testnet for UNI. Thee fee distribution model is elegant and it encourages participation in voting and financial incentives at the same time.

PS dont vote for continued incentivized pools they dont increase the volume on UNI and just lock up voting power anyway!!


I think you have a point about the incentives not increasing volume, but we do exist in a competitive landscape and need to at least keep our liquidity on par with Sushiswap. I think there’s a balance to be struck.

One thing that I wish we could fix is the constant lobbying to have pools included/excluded from the incentives program. It would be nice to devise some kind of methodology where this isn’t such an attention vacuum.


Whiteheartly agree we should adopt some of these measures from sushi seeing as how they copied unis original ideas as well it would seem to me not to be too hard to provide uni LPs the ability to vote and or also giving staking rewards to those who stake uni similiar to sushi