Uniswap V3 in view

Launch Details

The Uniswap v3 smart contracts will be deployed to the Ropsten, Rinkeby, Kovan, and Görli testnets in the coming days, giving developers time to begin experimenting with the protocol before the official launch.

The Uniswap v3 Core repository contains the essential, low-level smart contracts that power the protocol.

The Uniswap v3 Periphery repository contains a collection of smart contracts designed to ease user interaction with core contracts.

A liquidity provider migration portal will be available at launch, allowing v2 LPs to seamlessly transfer their liquidity to the new protocol.


How can I participate in the testnet?

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How can I participate in the testnet mi interesaron ?

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@Babson I want to ask one thing how can i participate in testnet? Tell the process of participating in it. By the ways thanks for sharing this post. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@sandersbud4, as far as I know, Uniswap Labs haven’t deployed a UI for testing. To try out v3 on the testnets would require you to manually interact with the various contracts. Their respective keys/addresses can be found here: uniswap-v3-periphery/testnet-deploys.md at main · Uniswap/uniswap-v3-periphery · GitHub

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