Uniswap as a world's first cryptostate

Uniswap as a world’s first cryptostate

Between money and investment assets.

The reform proposal includes answers in the form of specific solutions to the two theses assumed at the beginning: No. 1 and No. 2.


I am counting on a substantive, factual discussion devoid of hatred and emotional eruptions in order to block inconvenient content.

Thesis No. 1

“Cryptocurrency projects will naturally evolve towards cryptostate with their own law and constitution, and the key to mass adoptions is the mental attachment of users to a given cryptocurrency, which goes far beyond the sphere of purely economic desire for profit”

Why? First of all, because the average person will not use a given means of payment if:

a) It will not be IDENTIFY with it - i.e. the currency will not represent the state, nation or any other community operating with its own legislation, ideology or any other type of cultural code.

b) It will not TRUST the entity that issued this tender.

Solution: ORGANIZATIONAL INNOVATION - Transforming the Uniswap community into the world’s first cryptostate with the criteria outlined in the article below.

I defined the CRYPTOPSTATE as a voluntary social organization with the features of the state, enterprise and other institutions, dedicated to a specific social group with a strictly defined worldview (mental community, own constitution).

We can initially distinguish two potential phases of cryptostate development: incubator and cryptostate’s proper. In the first phase of development, the cryptostate has no territory, and the enforcement of the law is limited to deletion from the list of members and dismissal. In the second phase, however, it should have both territory and a police equivalent. In assumptions, it is a self-similar fractal located in the spectrum BETWEEN the state and the enterprise, where in the first phase it acts more like an enterprise, and in the second, after capital accumulation, more like the state. It is by definition a creature that changes its properties over time. Thus, subsequent features will grow evolutionarily like tree rings.

So what can be the greatest ADVANTAGES of this type of organization?

  1. Strict adjustment of LEGISLATION to INDIVIDUAL preferences. You will be able to choose the law in the same way as you choose a product or service.

  2. EMPLOYMENT GUARANTEE. A cryptostate can also be a company listed on a special stock exchange and competing with other cryptostates within the free market.

  3. No Coercion. A cryptostate does not have to have a strictly defined territory and thus force its inhabitants to obey the law. It can only exist virtually or in large dispersion and operate on a voluntary and membership basis.

  4. Effectively addressing the CRIMES problem. A cryptostate’s constitution would have to comply with the legislation of the country where it was registered. Moreover, its approval would take place on the basis of 100% consensus - i.e. each member of the thus formed community would have to agree with each paragraph. This would greatly reduce the likelihood of internal conflicts, and breaking the law would mean being disfellowshipped and fired.

The cyptostate as a rescue to the world

Our civilization can therefore be saved by the CRYPTOPSTATE, because their appearance will be tantamount to ENTERING ON A NEXT LEVEL OF SOCIAL INTEGRATION. You can no longer be ANYONE, a slave treated with contempt by those at the top of the pyramid, because you will be protected by the principle of 100% consensus in approving the constitution.

Why will INVESTMENT in cryptostate’s assets be more beneficial and safer than investing money in cryptocurrencies?


The cryptostate formula makes it possible to take into account both the strictly economic factor (business ideas, entrepreneurship) and the worldview factor expressed in support for a specific constitution. This feature means that the cryptostate market will have the potential to ABSORP the entire cryptocurrency sector, which can only become one of the assets of cryptostates, and not a separate entity. The appearance of cryptostates is also a natural consequence of the development of blockchain technology and the accumulation of capital around a new industry - FinTech (financial technology), which is already so popular that its secrets are taught at many universities.


The biggest disadvantage of cryptocurrencies is the inability to verify individual projects. Sometimes we only have to take their creators’ word for it, and the scale of fraud in this industry is huge. It may be different in the case of cryptostates, because in this case we will have a much larger amount of VERIFIED data such as: the number of approved members, transparent constitution, owned assets, and conducted businesses. All this can be easily checked, e.g. by the owner of the cryptostate’s exchange or a specially appointed group of experts. Investors will not be left to blind fate or their own intuition. Artificial pumping of rates using the “pump and dump” method will not be as effective as in the case of cryptostates.


The honestly applied 100% consensus rule virtually eliminates the possibility of organizing parasitic financial pyramids that plague the cryptocurrency project sector. This practice does not apply in the case of a flattened hierarchy and transparent constitution, because it is based on concealing key information.


The possibility of an objective valuation of cryptostate’s assets will be the result of combining two aspects: hard data from verification and popularity resulting from marketing activities. Any discrepancy between these two factors will be a clear signal for investors and an indication of the actual condition and nature of the cryptostate. For example, a large number of excluded members will have an impact on lowering the credibility of a given project, and thus will probably contribute to a drop in the exchange rate.


Any collapse of the old system of states and enterprises will result in spikes in the cryptostates’s market as they will be a direct alternative to these structures, much more so than the current cryptocurrencies, which many investors do not trust. The crisis will not only mean a threat, but also a chance to rebuild civilization on new, fairer and more favorable rules for the common man.

THESIS No. 2: “Significant market dominance should be achieved by this project that will first combine the advantages of stabelcoin’s as a stable means of payment and deflationary bitcoin cryptocurrency, which gaining value becomes a good investment asset”

Solution: FUNCTIONAL INNOVATION - issuing, selling and buying cryptocurrencies in a pair, where one part of the transaction will involve the purchase of a classic stabelcoin, and the other a deflationary cryptocurrency in the ratio of 50% to 50%. This would enable the REALIZATION of PROFITS within the same wallet address by replacing the deflationary cryptocurrency with a stable one, WITHOUT making additional and in many cases time-consuming operations such as transferring the cryptocurrency from a cold wallet to the exchange and purchasing stablecoin’s of another project.


I am aware of the theoretical nature of the study, however, if you agree with the two theses at the beginning, I hope that the discussion will also lead to the development of other, more practical and detailed solutions.

Originator: Krzysztof Ryniec

Feel free to discuss.


Not sure that I agree with everything said here, but I do like the idea of a constitution with certain principles that are difficult to change

Great. How does this community help new committed members of owning Some Few UNI to enable them to become delegates, contributors , Advocates, Writers ect…and even can cast their vote on decisions?