UNI should become an oracle token

Virtually all aspects of the Augur oracle design were originally proposed by me. Yet, it was not possible without Joey. I continually pitched ideas most of which were bad ideas and I needed Joey to detect bad ideas. I came up with the formulas used and wrote proofs for why they were the minimum value transfers needed to make honest behavior rational. Jack did not participate in the system design (cant remember if literally zero or a little bit…he was following along closely). The system design was Joey and I, with a small amount of help from Vitalik via Skype.

Eventually I noticed Micah Zoltu on Augur forums and advocated to have him hired. At the time he was on par with me at decision theory / mechanism design, but better than me in every other measurable way. He replaced me and finished out the final tweaks of the system design.

Data is valuable! If you have it, use it! I do believe that Uniswap will continue be the leading DEX protocol for ETH/USD (stable coins) as time goes on. Yes, Chainlink is the best protocol for oracles as many would say, but in order to decentralize (minimize the chance of failure) the ETH/USD price, it would benefit from the addition of a different type and source of oracle. Ethereum, and therefore UNI, will benefit if this proposal is passed.