UF Bridge Assessment Committee Results - Framework and Evaluations

In February 2023, the Uniswap Foundation convened a committee of experts to empower the Uniswap community’s decision-making process around the use of cross-chain bridges in governance. Today, we publish the results of that committee’s work here.

At the link above, please find a report that:

  • defines the functional and non-functional requirements of the DAO’s use case,
  • details a custom-built framework that evaluates the risks posed by the design and implementation of a bridge protocol through the lens of that use case,
  • discusses the required security properties of such a bridge (safety and liveness) as well as a priority-weighted list of other notable concerns,
  • publishes assessments of the first bridges to undergo evaluation with this framework, and
  • offers suggestions to improve the safety of the Uniswap DAO’s cross-chain governance system going forward.

Within the report document, bridge assessments are stored in dated folders and will remain static. Each bridge team has been offered a chance to comment on their evaluation; those comments are posted alongside the assessments and have not been edited by the Uniswap Foundation or the Bridge Assessment Committee. Subsequent assessments, either of upgrades made to the same protocols, or of new protocols launched by bridge teams, will be kept in new folders to show the progression and history of a bridge as it relates to the Uniswap DAO’s cross-chain governance use case.