Temperature Check - Add Notifications Center to Uniswap

Hey all :wave: this is HAL team, leading efforts on pushing Uniswap Notifications Center forward. :unicorn: :robot:

We wanted to bring forward this possible proposal to the Uniswap community to kick off a discussion around it, and figure out if there’s interest and a path forward for it:

Uniswap Notifications Center

In our research, we found that many protocols wanted to integrate our notifications engine to re-engage their users, help them manage their risks, grow transactions, TVL or boost their DAO participation and voting. But we had to integrate better into the user journey and provide a seamless experience. We also learned that notifications had to meet people where they are and when they need it.

By meeting today with Uniswap users where they are, we provide a pragmatic stepping stone towards community (re)engagement with user-friendly and easy-to-use risk management tools aka ,notifications".

General Points and Specifications

The Uniswap protocol and community would benefit from increased adoption of Uni users due to the enablement of a notifications center as a core touchpoint for user (re)engagement and risk management.

Additionally, we believe that descriptive notifications are just a first step. We think corrective and predictive notifications on positions can bring a higher degree of protection to Uniswap users and are the way to go which is why we would like to collaborate with the Uniswap DAO.

Ask and Next Steps

:point_right: Establish a Subgroup in the Uniswap Ecosystem: Community Notifications Center

  • $250,000 (stables or equivalent) allocated from the Uniswap DAO to fund this subgroup:

– $75k from the budget for community contributions related to this subgroup, including grants for development, evangelism and retroactive rewards for using the Notifications feature.

– $175k from the allocated budget will go towards HAL maintenance contract. Paid 25% upon execution, and then additional 25% every 3 months.

  • This subgroup will support the administration and maintenance of the Notifications Center, and will also serve a support system to onboard users and evangelize notifications to allow users to control their positions and use notifications to manage their risk.

  • Additionally, the group will be responsible for providing updates to the broader Uniswap community on the evolution of the notifications

:point_right: A 12-month maintenance contract awarded to HAL for the continuous monitoring, maintaining, and improving of the deployed Notifications Center.

  • HAL will help host the Notifications Center

  • HAL will also be responsible for the deployment, and continuous monitoring, maintenance, and improvements on the server throughout the duration of the contract.

  • If Uniswap DAO votes to end the contract funding will be returned against the remaining days of the year and we will provide sufficient training for admins to transfer those duties to a new organization.

  • The server is expected to be live within 7 days of this proposal being accepted on governance, assuming that access to the necessary systems and people is provided on a timely basis.

  • The 1-year contract will begin when this proposal is accepted on governance, and there will not be additional setup fees even if there are increased coordination costs to get the service running.

:mega: I want to thank anyone again for reading all of this, and we would love to open the discussion with the community to address any concerns and review this idea.

We look forward to any future collaboration.