[Temperature Check] - Activate Uniswap Protocol Governance

Hi all - I wanted to give a quick update on this proposal and the next steps in its implementation.

TL;DR, we are running additional audits on the protocol upgrade. Due to that, we now expect to post our on-chain vote in mid-April (It’s possible this may change pending the results of those audits).


A group of delegates proposed an amendment to our proposal. A Snapshot poll was launched to weigh community sentiment on this proposal; 60% of voters were against the amendment. As of right now we plan to move forward with our proposal as written.

Code4rena Results and Additional Audits

Our original discussion of security considerations is here. The Code4rena contest has ended. Scopelift has reviewed the findings and we plan to mitigate one issue. That mitigation will be reviewed in a shorter follow-on contest that will be scheduled at the end of March.

Since posting our original proposal, we have made the decision to conduct additional audits on the UniStaker and V3FactoryOwner contracts.

  • Following the Code4rena review, we have engaged Spearbit for another conventional audit which is tentatively scheduled to start April 2 and run for a week.

  • We have discussed another review with a third firm following Spearbit; those discussions are ongoing.

A testnet deployment of the contracts (in their pre-Spearbit state) should be available soon. Stay tuned to updates to this post, and to our Twitter, for details.

Timing of on-chain vote

We will initiate an on-chain vote following the mainnet deployment of the fully-audited UniStaker and V3FactoryOwner contracts.

This on-chain vote will likely come in mid-April, with the understanding that the date might change based on the results of the remaining audits.