Single use delegation - Activate Protocol Fee Switch for UNI Holders

What evidence do you have to back this claim up?
I agree that it should be activated so that we have the option to eventually do something productive with it, but you’re making a broad assumption that UNI holders and Liquidity Providers go hand in hand when there’s really no easy to find metric to even measure that ratio.

Now that the previous pending proposals are resolved, what is delaying this from being put up for votes? 6 months is far enough as it is.

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Not enough votes yet.

The data is there; clear correlation with increase in pool liquidity and UNI reward. Greater liquidity = bigger volumes = more fees = incentive for UNI holders to incentivise liquidity.

Think it’s beyond obvious that the massive liquidity inflows were driven by the UNI token reward. People aren’t going to stake ETH-USDT, etc in the volumes they are for a few percent annualised which is what would happen if you stripped the UNI reward from the pool. Not sure if you are overthinking this one or just haven’t made the connections I have pointed out. Should have also been clear from the sushi vampire attack that UNI holders need to incentive liquidity providers.

Totally agree with this I’ll vote for it when it’s active… I thought there was a 6 month delay till we could activate it misread that…get it going now if we have to wait 6 more months the world could be over after the election tomorrow :joy:

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Wait, you mean not enough people delegated to you?

Are you talking about this address? 0x481d2FebcC60eEb28cfA48259187f12d876Dc50E

Not only does it have 0 Uni itself, no one is delegated to it either…

I’m all for getting it going

Yep, this is probably problem #1.
I’ve moved my UNI from account, can put it back but my holdings are insignificant.

I am still willing to do this, but I will need the votes.

We should be using smart contract delegates for single use delegation.

We should rally behind this and get it done!

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How so? This would be great tho.

Very likely overthinking it, I think I see what you’re getting at. I’ll review this thread again in the morning with a fresh set of eyes.

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