Proposal to refresh the Uniswap Default list

Hi All,

Wanted to open up a thread here and for Transparency I am working with the Aragon Project.

As many will know already the default list of tokens is no longer supported and the UI is refreshed using Geminis token list. I believe there are currently a number of tokens on the Uniswap Default token list that are out of date and need updated.

I think it would be great to refresh the list and remove unsupported or out of date tokens. ANT (Aragon Network Token) went through a upgrade last year and the V1 is still appearing on the default list.

I wanted to open up this thread to help support the Uniswap community and maybe some of the other projects who would also like there tokens updated on the default list which is no longer supported. I can then pull a proposal together with Projects that would like to be updated.

See Discord conversation here for more context on the default list no longer being supported: Discord

Would love to here the feedback also happy to hear other solutions.


Great idea! Important to protect the community from getting out of date tokens…

Yup, this is a good idea. Agreed.

Also very much in favour. I’d really like to see Uniswap show the correct ANT token in the Default list.

Showing the old ANT token is unfair to the Aragon community as it means newbies may end paying the gas fees on Uniswap, and then paying additional gas fees to convert it to the new ANT token (required for voting in Aragon’s governance proposals) on upgrade(dot)aragon (dot)org.

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