Proposal: Reduce amount of UNIs required to submit governance proposal

Support this proposal. At present, uni has many very good ideas in community governance, and there is no way to successfully propose. It is suggested to reduce the proposal standard.

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I am totally agree with this proposal

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I am agree with this proposal of reducing

What ideas do you think are ripe for implementation? The main one I’m thinking of is cross-chain governance and updates to other deployments of Uniswap.

Separately, I’m game to lower the proposal threshold but I don’t think that is the limiting factor right now. I think it is developers and teams’ time.

Yes, it is time to increase the number of personnel. Uniswap and cross chain functions need to be deployed on more L2.

increase the number of personnel

What do you mean? Like the protocol employ people (I’m for it btw just not easy to do)? Or do you mean like grant work? I think the Grants program is pretty active.