Nomination and Election Process for the UNI-ARB Grant Program (UAGP) and Delegate Program (UADP)

1. Grant Program (UAGP)
2. Applicant Name: Zeb
3. Twitter: @zeb_dyor
4. Applicant Summary including why interested in applying for the Program (1 Paragraph): Having been a crypto researcher since 2015, I love learning more and applying my knowledge. Sitting on a grant committee allows you to be in touch with very early stage projects, guide them and build innovation. I have been a user of Uniswap since V1 and likewise have been using Arbitrum since it launched. Working on enhancing both would be super exciting. Also, I got reached out to by Emiliano from w3s to apply due to my prior experience, and after reading the proposal and discussions, I indeed think I would fit well in this program.
5. Involvement in Uniswap and/or Arbitrum community or prior initiatives: Was an airdrop recipient in both. And some governance forum activity at the start of Arbitrum Governance (sharing my knowledge on the grant programs) and once having been called in as an advisor on a Uniswap V2 LP analysis.
6. Prior experience in either Grants or Delegate Programs, respectively: Was the kickstarter of the first sub-DAO of Balancer, the Balancer Grants subDAO. Was their grant lead and worked with ~30 grantees in 6 months allocating more than $1,000,000 in BAL. Due to this success, Game7 asked me to help set up their $100M Grant program.
7. Any anticipated conflicts of interest: I have been working as a crypto researcher / senior analyst for, which invests in a wide variety of crypto projects. Since 2019 I have been working with multiple DAOs, have been an advisor to many startups and am a mentor in the Outlier Ventures incubator program. Some of these are DEXs. But, in all fairness, none are real competitors to Uniswap, and none I work with are deployed on Arbitrum. Therefore I personally do not see any real conflict of interest, but more so me bringing a wealth of knowledge and network to the grant program.

  1. Grant Program (UAGP)
  2. Applicant Name: JoJo
  3. Twitter: @jojo17568
  4. Applicant Summary including why interested in applying for the Program:
    As a former threat-intel engineer who transitioned to a full-time builder two years ago, I currently work since incetpion for JonesDao, a core protocol native to Arbitrum.
    I am drawn to this program because I am currently a member of another grant committee on Arbitrum, specifically the Questbook one. This committee has a distinct focus, primarily awarding smaller grants compared to this program. Joining this program would place me in a unique position, enabling me to engage with various protocols and guide them based on their specific products and requirements. The concept of awarding a limited number of grants, yet ensuring they have a significant impact, genuinely resonates with me.
  5. Involvement in Uniswap and/or Arbitrum community or prior initiatives:
    I only began my professional involvement with Uniswap a few months ago. Currently, I am developing a strategy to algorithmically manage user liquidity in the V3 product. I firmly believe that this type of strategy is essential. At present, there’s a clear bifurcation: on one hand, we have DEXs that are now advocating for V3-style liquidity, and on the other, we have average users who just get an headache by mentioning impermanent loss in mathematical terms, let alone managing a V3 range.
    Furthermore, I’ve been deeply engaged with JonesDao, a protocol native to Arbitrum, since its inception. I’ve established strong connections with nearly all protocols on Arbitrum. This is due to countless business development calls to identify the right partners for our vault and my role in the Questbook grant committee.
    Needless to say, I’ve been a Uniswap user since its inception.
  6. Prior experience in Grants Programs:
    I currently oversee the portfolio for the Questbook grant program on Arbitrum, specifically focused on the domain of “new protocols and ideas.” In this capacity, I have not only crafted robust rubrics and evaluation metrics but have also cultivated relationships with the entire Arbitrum community, ranging from protocols and builders to delegates.
    Finally, I have learned how to understand the POV of Delegates by having a direct contact with most of them in the Arbitrum chain, both for the previous election and for current votings such as the STIP program. This has allowed me to tailor the requests as a function of what a good delegate needs in term of information to move forward to the best decision.
  7. Any anticipated conflicts of interest:
    I am currently in collaboration with the following DAOs: JonesDao and Aura Finance. Therefore, I would recuse myself from any grant requests or decisions related to these DAOs.

1 - Program Selection: Grant Program (UAGP)

2 - Applicant Name: Shreddy

3 - Twitter: @shreddydefi

4 - Applicant Summary: I am a veteran DeFi contributor who has worked at protocols such as Olympus DAO, Spice Finance, & Jones DAO. In those organizations, I have always held head marketing positions, and am currently the head of marketing for Jones DAO. This program is really interesting to me because I have been looking to get involved in governance at a higher level. Recently, I was in the running to become the domain allocator for education, community, and events for Questbook’s grant program within the Arbitrum DAO. I did not end up winning, but came in a very close 2nd place with lots of support for my compelling planned initiatives.

I have a distinct focus on community, marketing, & education which makes me a great candidate to review any projects of this nature that apply for a UNI-ARB grant. I always value smaller grant requests with high impact, over bloated proposals.

5 - Involvement in Uniswap and/or Arbitrum community or prior initiatives:

While I have no prior experience with the Uniswap community, I have always been an admirer of Uniswap’s novel approaches to liquidity innovation and impressive volume. As anyone in DeFi should, I have conducted my fair share of swaps through Uniswap over the years. On the Arbitrum side of things, I am an ARB maxi at heart. Building an Arbitrum-native community over the last ~2 years at Jones DAO has been immensely rewarding. Through my time as head of marketing, I have established a dense rolodex of the most important people in the ecosystem, and gathered a cunning sense of what makes good protocols win.

6 - Prior experience in either Grants or Delegate Programs, respectively:

I do have prior experience with Grant programs through Olympus DAO. During my time as the marketing lead at Olympus, I helped construct two projects: Olympus Incubator & Olympus Grants, whose main objective it was to distribute grants for Olympus ecosystem builders. Through these programs, I helped teams such as: Vesta, viaMovr (now known as Holyheld), and Jones DAO itself; among a few other smaller projects.

My direct experience in grant program architecture building & grant approval can be very valuable to this Uniswap program.

7 - Any anticipated conflicts of interest:

As I am currently a Jones DAO contributor, I will recuse myself from any grant requests or decisions that would affect Jones.


1. Grant Program (UAGP)
2. Applicant Name: David (Kouros)
3. Twitter: @DavidColeto
4. Applicant Summary including why interested in applying for the Program (1 Paragraph):

I’ve been invested in the web3 space since 2021, having worked with some of the most well-known projects such as Polygon and Bankless DAO, my expertise lies in DAO treasury management and Grant Programs supporting a wide variety of projects. I believe I can make a positive contribution to the UNI - ARB Grant Program helping the ecosystem to grow.

5. Involvement in Uniswap and/or Arbitrum community or prior initiatives:

I have been following the development of Uniswap and Arbitrum with great interest and enthusiasm. I believe they are both innovative and impactful projects that are advancing the field of decentralized finance and crypto adoption in general. I have been using Uniswap since I fell the crypto rabbit hole and I am eager to learn more and contribute to their growth and success.

6. Prior experience in either Grants or Delegate Programs, respectively:

I have extensive experience in web3 grants management and coordination. I started as the Grants Committee Lead at Bankless DAO, where I oversaw the entire grant application process, from reviewing and voting on proposals to facilitating payments and budgeting. I also organized and moderated the committee meetings. After Bankless DAO, I joined Polygon as the Grants Coordinator. My main role was to run the grants programme within Polygon Village, the support framework for projects building on Polygon. I evaluated projects, assigned reviewers, communicated with teams, distributed funds and monitored progress. I also helped projects access the resources and connections they needed from Polygon or other web3 partners. Through my web3 journey, I have built a strong network of founders, influencers and crypto enthusiasts.

7. Any anticipated conflicts of interest:

I hereby that I have no material conflicts of interest that may be relevant for this role to the Uniswap or Arbitrum communities.


Self nomination for Delegate Program (UADP)

Applicant Name: jengajojo
Twitter: here
Applicant Summary including why interested in applying for the Program (1 Paragraph):

My general motivation is to positively contribute to building harmony within the DAO ecosystem, which is one of the reasons why I am an active delegate in several places. The UNI-ARB delegate program offers the perfect opportunity for the community to leverage my experience in network weaving and create positive sum outcomes for both ecosystems.

Involvement in Uniswap and/or Arbitrum community or prior initiatives:
  • I have been active paritcipant in the Arbitrum DAO since inception. My profile can be found here
  • Several years of experience with project management and analytics before crypto.
  • Founded and steering a multi-lingual community incubator to bridge the gap between diverse global cultures and crypto, where we have successfully spun out two independent communitites in Mexico and Brasil. More info here
Prior experience in Delegate Programs:

I established and lead the Governance Department at BanklessDAO as well as establishing the Recognized Delegates program and running it at 1inchDAO . I am an active delegate in Gitcoin, VitaDAO, AAVE , Optimism, SAFE.

Any anticipated conflicts of interest:

I would like to disclose that I am involved in governance at several DAOs but I am not part of any formal grants committee or other formal funding allocation entities in these DAOs


Grant Program Application

1. Program: Uniswap Accelerator Grant Program (UAGP)

2. Applicant Information

3. Applicant Summary

I am a software engineer, entrepreneur, and investor who has been building in web3 since 2017. Previously, I worked on Ocean Protocol and API3 DAO, PrimeDAO, and was a founding member of Curve Labs. Currently, I serve as a co-founder and CEO at Daoism Systems, and I am also a Guardian at Safe DAO.

4. Uniswap and Arbitrum Involvement

I have been using Uniswap since its beta release in 2018 and have followed the development of Uniswap since then. I am looking forward to contributing to the ecosystem by participating in the Grant Program.

5. Experience with Grants or Delegate Programs

In the realm of grant and delegate programs, I bring to the table my experience from the Balancer Grants Program. Here, I was entrusted with the responsibility of executing technical evaluations of grantees.

6. Conflicts of Interest

I affirs that there are no conflicts of interest in my application for the UAGP.


Grant Program (UAGP)

Applicant Name: Ignacio Rodriguez - Avantgarde Finance

Twitter: @avantgardefi

Applicant Summary including why interested in applying for the Program:
We’re eager to jump into the UNI-ARB Grant Committee because it compliments our skillset in DAO governance. We have been actively involved in reviewing the grants program for Enzyme and our team. Our team has a wide span of experience including developing DeFi technologies but also a sound knowledge of finance which lends itself well to the grants program. On a more personal level, my work has involved the management and coordination of development teams, operational processes, and governance tasks in DeFi. In joining the UNI-ARB Grant Committee, I plan to use that experience together with tapping into the broader talent pool and skillsets available at Avantgarde to help make this grants program a success.

Involvement in Uniswap and/or Arbitrum community or prior initiatives:
We’ve been active in Uniswap via gov.avantgardefi.eth., We also recently attended the first Blessing in NYC which was the first opportunity to learn more about uniswap v4 hooks and what is expected from delegates. More importantly, it was a chance to meet other delegates in person and brainstorm on ways to make the ecosystem more successful.

Prior experience in Grants Programs:
Avantgarde has supported theEnzyme grants program for nearly nearly five years. We have experience in assessing applicants and structuring milestones and compensation in such a way that minimises downside and enhances the chances of achieving the best results.

Any anticipated conflicts of interest:
Core contributor to Enzyme protocol (exposed to MLN)


1. Grant Program (UAGP)

2. Applicant Name: Fiat24 (Product Name) = SR Saphirstein AG (Company Name)

3. Twitter: @Fiat24Account

4. Applicant Summary including why interested in applying for the Program:

Fiat24 is the first regulated and licensed Swiss bank that is exclusively built on a public blockchain (Arbitrum). Unlike any other traditional bank, we have completely abandoned servers, with all banking logics run by smart contracts, and our clients being identified via their Fiat24 NFT. You might imagine us as an additional fiat layer for DEXs, such as Uniswap. In fact, clients can not only top-up their Swiss bank accounts via international money transfer, but also by selling their crypto assets. All crypto tokens go through Uniswap before arriving in our treasury, meaning that Uniswap is our liquidity provider. We are directly connected with the Swiss National Bank, European Central Bank, and Visa Payment Network, and all real-world payment data, which is all booked on Arbitrum. Since we are a bank that is fully run by protocols, you can easily access your Swiss e-banking portal directly inside your non-custodial crypto wallet (such as MetaMask or Uniswap Wallet). We feel that we are the ideal showcase that has successfully combined the power of both Arbitrum (infrastructure) and Uniswap (liquidity provider) to demonstrate what will be the driver for mainstream adoption. We believe that Fiat24 will bring about a positive and substantial impact to both ecosystems (Arbitrum and Uniswap) in that we have created a practical and necessary application, combined with being fully compliant and regulated.

5. Involvement in Uniswap and/or Arbitrum community or prior initiatives:

We are one of the earliest projects to use Arbitrum protocols, with our first deployment being on January 16th, 2022.

Our first Visa card (with the Arbinaut Mascot) was issued in collaboration with the Arbitrum Foundation in July 2023 to commemorate the first ever Visa transaction booked on a public blockchain, and also to demonstrate that the Arbitrum protocol is mature enough for industrialized usage.

Since day one of Fiat24, Uniswap has been our sole liquidity provider. We are not connected to any centralized liquidity providers (such as Kraken, Coinbase, Bitstamp, etc.), but rather rely fully on Uniswap. As an example, if a Fiat24 client sells ETH, it goes through the ETH/USDC pool on Uniswap. As soon as we get the USDC, we top up the clients’ US Dollar account. In this way, Uniswap is a strategic and indispensable part of our entire infrastructure. To this effect, we plan to issue a co-branded Visa card with the Uniswap community in order to show our appreciation.

The AIP will be submitted shortly.

6. Prior experience in Grants:

We participated in Round 1 of the Arbitrum x Gitcoin Grant (Gov Month) in the “New Protocol Ideas” segment. We received $733.24 in donations from 131 anonymous community members and participants.

7. Any anticipated conflicts of interest:

No conflicts of interest, to the best of our knowledge.

Few Links to supplement my application:

  1. Project website:
  2. Cointelegraph report about the Arbitrum Visa Card: This platform makes debit card transactions possible directly on Arbitrum
  3. Our Smart contract address: Arbitrum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Arbiscan
  4. The Uniswap Visa Card (AIP to be submitted)

1. Grant Program (UAGP) or Delegate Program (UADP): (UAGP)
2. Applicant Name: Honn
3. Twitter: @honn24x
4. Applicant Summary:

Hello, as a former employee of both the Uniswap Foundation and the Uniswap Grants Program, it is very exciting to see the launch of the Uniswap Arbitrum Grants Program as a fully community driven initiative! Further community involvement and contributions are vital to the long term sustainability and decentralization of the protocol, so kudos to the initial committee members for putting this together. During my time at the Uniswap Foundation and Uniswap Grants Program, I helped lead different goverance initiatives, while evaluating grant applications. Prior to my time at Uniswap, I also served as an evaluator on the dYdX’s Grants Committee. Outside of direct DAO and protocol operations, I was a researcher for the Decentralization Research Center (formerly the DAO Research Collective). I believe that my extensive involvement in the Uniswap community, along with my experience in protocol grants programs, positions me well to contribute to the UAGP as I leverage my unique understanding of the Uniswap ecosystem.

5. Involvement in Uniswap and/or Arbitrum community or prior initiatives:

  1. Led inaugural Uniswap Delegate Race

  2. Led restructuring of Uniswap governance process

  3. Led Grants Announcements, Waves 1-3

  4. Led Uniswap Optimisim Liquidity Mining Program

  5. Led Uniswap Optimism Protocol delegation program

  6. Researcher for Decentralization Research Center

  7. Data Analytics for Uniswap

  8. Served on grants evaluation committee for UGP and UF

  9. Hosted and organized first IRL delegate event for Uniswap community

6. Prior experience in either Grants or Delegate Programs, respectively:
I have experience contributing to grant initiatives at dYdX, UGP, and the Uniswap Foundation. My previous delegate program experience is shown in the links above as well.

7. Any anticipated conflicts of interest: None. To clarify, I have stepped away from my role at the Uniswap Foundation so this nomination is not affiliated with that.


Applicant Name: Sov

Twitter: @sovereignsignal

Applicant Summary: I have been researching and working around crypto grant programs since 2020; You can find more of my background and story here. I believe in the mission of UAGP and am interested in applying for the UNI-ARB Grant Program (UAGP). Some of my qualifications include the following:

  • Ran a mid-sized consulting and managed services firm for several years. Experienced in program development and project management.
  • Previous experience with local, state, and federal government grants with a 501c3
  • Researching and writing about grant programs since 2020. You can find my work here.
  • Creator and Curator of LlamaoGrants and Blockworks Grantfarm.
  • Creator of Curator Crypto Grant Wire.
  • Creator and Curator of Sov’s Compendium.
  • Grantee Experience: Aave Grants DAO, Polygon Village Grantee
  • Current Partnerships & Program Lead @ Gitcoin

I have some experience both in my work at Gitcoin (I am primarily responsible for Gitcoin Grants and how we frame our eligibility criteria). Additionally, with my background running BD/Sales groups I have a good sense of how to qualify potential opportunities and could adhere to a due dilligence process that is already in place or help to develop one that we can use.

Involvement in Uniswap and/or Arbitrum community or prior initiatives: I have previously conducted in-depth research on the Uniswap Grants Program and was recognized by Program Lead Ken Ng for my work. I am deeply familiar with both of these ecosystems through both research and curation of resources like Sov’s Compendium and Blockworks Grantfarm.

Prior experience in either Grants or Delegate Programs: No prior experience as a delegate. You can see the details of my background and qualifications above.

Any anticipated conflicts of interest: I do lead Partnerships for Gitcoin and we are in active discussions with UAGP around our product, Grants Stack.

Thanks for your consideration!


Applicant Name: azeem

Twitter: @azeemk_

Applicant Summary: I’ve been in the crypto space since the end of 2013 when I wrote an article for the Huffington Post about the New York City Bitcoin Center. In early 2014 I tried my hand at launching Kim Coindashian before the media I got for it ended up causing me to get a cease and desist. I’ve since held a handful of roles and even raised funds for a crowdfunding platform to support creators that I launched in 2021.

For going on two years now I’ve been at Gitcoin where I started in the Public Goods Funding workstream looking to speak to organizations to fund matching pools for us to run Quadratic Funding grants rounds like we have for the past four years now. In the time I’ve been here through all the efforts I’ve led with our grants program and our treasury diversification I’ve raised tens of millions of dollars that have gone to good places.

I’m a consultant to the United Nation on crypto related matters after the UNICEF round that I led for Gitcoin at the tail end of 2022. They have a crypto venture fund, which is in many ways a grants program because they’re not able to take equity, and I work closely with them on a handful of things.

Outside of that, I’m an advisor to Foresight Ventures, which is a $400 million venture fund that is the venture arm of the centralized exchange BitGet. I’m a mentor to the ConsenSys Fellowship, mentor at the Binance Labs Incubator, mentor at the Crypto Packaged Goods accelerator, mentor at the Hypernest accelerator, and the One Piece Labs accelerator.

My work includes speaking engagements at all the major conferences happening, I’ve got bylines with multiple publications talking about crypto including Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Coindesk, Bankless, and Forefront. I’ve also been acknowledged as a contributor in two white papers by the World Economic Forum. One on Impact DAOs and the other on Blockchain Scaling for Climate Action. And most recently a whitepaper on U.S Climate Policy Action with the Blockchain Law for Social Good Center.

I’ve been covered in a variety of publications

Some other involvements of mine are being a member of the World Economic Forum’s Crypto Sustainability Coalition and also a member of the Future of Global Fintech Initiative, co-organized by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance and the World Economic Forum.

I was even a judge on a tv show with Binance earlier this year called Build The Block, which was a metaverse reality show similar to Shark Tank that was recently nominated for a BIMA Award. The other judges were He Yi who’s a cofounder of Binance, Robby Yung who’s the CEO of Animoca, and Guy Turner who runs the popular YouTube channel Coin Bureau that has over 3 million subscribers.

Involvement in Uniswap and/or Arbitrum community or prior initiatives:
Worked with Disuption Joe on getting his proposal passed for Arbitrum that’s had funding going through Gitcoin Grants Stack.

Prior experience in either Grants or Delegate Programs:
Being a leader in what’s arguably the most notable grants program in all of web3.

Any anticipated conflicts of interest:
Discussing with UAGP to use Grants Stack to distribute these funds.

  1. Grant Program (UAGP)

  2. Applicant Name: ilia.eth (0xPlasma)

  3. Twitter:

  4. Applicant Summary including why interested in applying for the Program:

I am the Founder and Builder at 0xPlasma Labs, pioneers in Web3 protocol development since 2018. With a profound commitment to decentralization and DAOs, i have developed key protocols interfacing with Uniswap and Arbitrum L2, including the renowned HyperDEX aggregator and Quadrat ALMP. My extensive expertise in tokenomics, farming strategies, and the Uniswap protocol, coupled with our achievements across all EVM chains, makes me an ideal candidate for the UNI-ARB Grant program, where I aim to drive further innovation and success for the Uniswap ecosystem.

  1. Involvement in Uniswap and/or Arbitrum community or prior initiatives:

I have actively engaged with the Uniswap community, manifesting my dedication through the successful initiation and execution of two proposals. First, I spearheaded the deployment of Uniswap v3 to the BNB chain, which has been successfully executed. Secondly, I collaborated on a proposal for an ARB distribution and Farming Campaign on Uniswap v3, which received community endorsement. I’m currently overseeing the execution of this initiative. In addition, I’ve sought opportunities to enhance the Arbitrum ecosystem with a focus on the Uniswap protocol. To this end, I have recently proposed for Arbitrum STIP a $1M farming campaign on the Uniswap protocol explicitly designed for ARB pools.

  1. Prior experience in either Grants or Delegate Programs, respectively:

Much of my expertise stems from my role as an applicant-builder across various Web3 grant programs, including Optimism, Arbitrum, Uniswap, and Gitcoin, among others. This extensive involvement has endowed me with a profound understanding of the grant application and execution process, enabling me to offer valuable support and evaluation to project teams efficiently.

  1. Any anticipated conflicts of interest:

No conflicts of interest.

  1. Grant Program (UAGP)
  2. Applicant Name: Lawrence (Omni Analytics Group)
  3. Twitter: @omnianalytics
  4. Applicant Summary: My passion for web3, grants, and open source began way back in 2019 when I started doing [text analysis on Gitcoin grants] to better understand how keywords in the description were correlated with the quadratic matching a project would receive. Since then my passion for leveraging data to improve decision making has only increased as I’ve lead my team of data scientists to work on projects for [Aave], [Gitcoin], [Ethereum Foundation], and [Uniswap].
  5. Involvement in Uniswap and/or Arbitrum community or prior initiatives: On the Arbitrum side, I am a long time $ARB airdrop hodler and participant in the [DAO sense-making activities during #GovMonth]. On the Uniswap side of things, I am a [former grant recipient], [analytics bounty winner], [snapshot voter], liquidity provider, and long time $UNI airdrop hodler. I both believe in and actively contribute to every community I am a part of in the best way I possibility can!
  6. Prior experience in either Grants or Delegate Programs, respectively: I currently hold the role as a reviewer for Aave Grants DAO where I am involved in all types of activities such as the standard grant reviewing, conducting video interviews with grantees, performing grantee accountability duties, collecting and analyzing data for governance updates and forum posts, research on special topics such as decentralization, and general cat herding when signature time rolls around. I’ve been in this capacity for a little over a year, have amassed a ton of experience and find the job extremely rewarding. Those warm fuzzy feelings I get over there are ultimately what motivated me to self-nominate for a similar position here and it is my hope that I can share my knowledge, expertise, experience and passion for grants with the Uni-Arb community!
  7. Any anticipated conflicts of interest: I currently hold a similar position as a grant reviewer for Aave Grants DAO. I don’t believe that is necessarily a conflict of interest, but if there is an objection, I will kindly rescind my nomination.
  1. UAGP

  2. Srijith Padmesh (Questbook)

  3. Twitter: @Srijith_Padmesh

  4. Applicant Summary: I am a core team member at Questbook where we’ve lead and managed grants program for reputed ecosystems such as Compound, TON, Polygon, Celo etc disbursing more than $3M in grants to 300+ teams . I have also lead as a product manager at Layer-E , building multiple products that benefitted the Polygon ecosystem, notably the Polygon Copilot, Surfaceboard etc. Leading the product development has helped me understand opportunity landscaping, industry trends, 0-1 product building process and GTM . Moreover, I am the Grant Manager for Arbitrum grants program, where I’ll oversee and better operationalise 4 grant domains for the grants program. At UAGP, I’m looking forward to leverage my product background, my experience at Questbook, and our developer community to source, discover and support projects that are aligned with the goals of Uniswap and Arbitrum.

  5. Involvement in Uniswap and/or Arbitrum: Involved as the grant manager for the Arbitrum Questbook grants program.

  6. Prior Experience: I work as the grant manager for the Questbook Arbitrum grants program, a 1M grant program across 4 domains identified by the community.

  7. Any anticipated conflicts of interest: I do not anticipate any conflicts of interest as I overlook the grants program for questbook, but all decisions are solely taken by the domain allocators elected by the community, and have no influence through me.


The “self-nomination” period has already ended. As far as i can read, there are 12 applications for UAGP (another 2 were submitted after the deadline), and 2 applications for UADP. Can you please share the Snapshot link for the vote? thanks.

Update - UAGP/UADP Committee Elections: Snapshot Vote Live

Following the conclusion of our 2-weeks nomination process, we are grateful to have witnessed a great level of participation. A massive shoutout to everyone who took the time to join in, share their thoughts, and throw their hat in the ring for the Grant and Delegate programs!

It’s been amazing to see participation from both the Uniswap and Arbitrum communities, with many active in both ecosystems.

With this momentum, we’re excited to move forward to the election stage as planned.

Next Steps

  • Snapshot Vote (5 days): A formal vote is live on Snapshot for a timeframe of 5 days - here for the UAGP and here for the UADP. The votes run with a simple approval voting allowing to select all nominees you support for the role.
  • Announcement & Onboarding: After the snapshot vote, the top 3 nominees for UAGP and the leading nominee for UADP will be onboarded to their respective committees and a community announcement will be released. Before onboarding a KYC check will be conducted.

Snapshot Vote Procedure

  • The snapshot vote will commence on 9th October and conclude on the 14th.
  • Elections are conducted by approval voting. Approval voting allows you to select all the nominees you support for the role of Committee Member. You can select as many or as few candidates to approve as you like.
  • The vote will be considered valid if a minimum of 10m delegated UNI is reached, per the community governance process.

Committee Operating Policies

We request that delegates and community members involved in this vote and committee activities adhere to the guidelines established in prior discussions. These principles serve as the foundation for this committee’s initial iteration and may be formally integrated into the committee’s bylaws through upcoming governance actions.

  • Candidates cannot vote for themselves in Snapshot vote.
  • Anyone part of Grant Committee (UAGP) should not apply for Grants that can fall under the assessment of Grant Committee to mitigate conflicts of interests.
  • Anyone part of the Protocol Delegate Program (UADP) should not make proposals that can fall under the assessment of the Protocol Delegate to mitigate conflicts of interests.
  • Retiring committee members are responsible for nominating and educating their successors.

Should you have any questions, concerns, or feedback regarding the upcoming stages, please do not hesitate to contact us:

  • Comment in this thread
  • Direct message on the forum or on Twitter (@bernard_xyz)

We appreciate your involvement and look forward to moving to the next steps!


Snapshot Votes are live for a timeframe of 5 days here for the UAGP and here for the UADP.


Hello everyone, we are thrilled to announce the completion of our Uniswap-Arbitrum Grant Program (UAGP) and Uniswap-Arbitrum Delegation Protocol (UADP) Teams following the recent elections.

The community has elected:

UAGP: 3 outstanding reviewers, @honn24x (79% with 21M UNI), @Nneoma_StableLab Nneoma (67% with 18M UNI), and @_JoJo (56% with 15M UNI), who will join @bernard and @Doo_StableLab as already confirmed members;

UADP: @AbdullahUmar (98% with 20M UNI) who will join @Juanbug as confirmed member.

This marks a significant milestone for us, setting the stage moving toward official launch of the UAGP.

Leading up to the launch, our team will focus on onboarding, operations and alignment with UAGP’s objectives. Our pre-launch phase will be in full gear, focusing on generating awareness and creating anticipation for what promises to be an impactful initiative for the Uniswap and Arbitrum ecosystems.

Thank you to every individual who applied. We truly value your dedication and enthusiasm, and we look forward to potential collaborations in different ways moving forward.

Stay tuned for updates, and thank you for your continued support.


UNI-ARB Grant Program (UAGP) officially launches today! :tada:

Hey all, the Uniswap Arbitrum Grant Program is now live and open for applications!

For more info join the kick-off Twitter Space in 6 hours. Here’s the link to set a reminder:

:spiral_calendar: 6-month Grant program
:moneybag: Grants: $50k - $250k
:inbox_tray: Apply Here:

If you’re a builder passionate about expanding Uniswap’s horizons in the Arbitrum ecosystem, we want to hear from you! :unicorn: :rocket:

Details on the launch here:

Contact points

To find all info: UAGP Information Hub
To reach out: Discord
To stay up to date: Twitter