Making Protocol Fees Operational

We greatly appreciate the effort and research put into the proposal and the discussions surrounding it. After thorough consideration of the research conducted on fee enablement, we support GFX’s preliminary designs for the fee switch options.

However, we acknowledge that these discussions are still in the early stages, with Snapshot polls and forum commentary around key questions. To fully endorse this change through to execution, we would like to see a finalized technical specification that includes a detailed plan for implementation, auditing, and other necessary aspects.

Furthermore, we have sufficient concerns regarding the tax and legal implications, which necessitate a more in-depth examination before we can provide complete support. While we understand that addressing these issues may not be the proposer’s responsibility, the regulatory gray area motivates our opinion that it is crucial to have a system with optional mechanisms in place to handle any potential implications. Uniswap is a vital protocol within the ecosystem and has high visibility as a dapp.

We recognize the substantial work already invested in this endeavor, and we understand that some believe these matters can be resolved at a later stage. However, we strongly feel that they are important considerations to have properly analyzed and addressed before the fee switch is activated considering the potential significant impacts and implications of the action.