How will Uniswap be defeated within 6 months?

Bill Gates said: “Microsoft is always at risk of being bankrupt in 18 months.”

Back in 2018, people talked over whether Bancor or 0x would dominate the DEX world. Two years later, Uniswap emerged as a new generation power and took the cornerstone role of Ethereum DeFi ecosystem.

Looking though the current data among all DEX protocols, you will observe that Uniswap dominates more than half of total trade volumes. While turning to the “daily active traders” measure, Uniswap shows even more advantages far away from all the other DEXes.

These advantages could be our strength to win the battles, and they also could be a Achilles’ heel of the Uniswap team and our community.

Luckily, I got 800 UNI from the airdrop, and since then, I have become a member of the Uniswap community. In the past 3 months, I tried my best to play as a qualified member of the community. It’s quite an experience in my crypto life. I made some friends in the past 3 months, and sometimes also a bit depressed by the divisiveness among the whole communities.

As we already have many contributors in the community playing the role of “good cops”, I’d like to play as a “bad cop”. I will put all my mind on finding out “the killer weapon that could defeat Uniswap in 6 months”.

I hope the failure of mine will be the victory of the whole community.


[Weapon Diary 9th Dec. 2020]
What if our major competitor, Sushiswap enhanced the UNI/ETH pool mining bonus on their platform? While more UNI staked on Sushiswap, then issued a proposal to let UNI/ETH pool contract delegate its UNI votes to Sushiswap’s governance multisig. Then Sushiswap will have enough power to influence the process of Uniswap governance.


Lack of flexibility is our weakness right now…


Also, completely abandoned by big delegates.

Where is Leshner, where is Dharma, where is Gauntlet ? And many others.

Why is it taking so long to come up with the rewards contract code if it’s essentially the same structure as before with some changed variables ?

I mean I don’t hold a lot of UNI, but people with 10,000x what I hold seem to be asleep at the wheel.

Fortunately, I know the Uniswap devs are hard at work and I know V3 is gonna revolution the DEX scene.


Dharma got mad we rejected their second airdrop

[Killer weapon Diary 11th Dec. 2020]
What if I create a contract with one simple rule: Pay 3% to every UNI holder who delegated their votes to my address in two months? Assume half of present delegated votes(approximately 50M) will be interested in this which gives them 18% APR yield, then I will have enough power to submit an airdrop proposal and push it passed. The proposal will airdrop 3M UNI to my address which will make me gain 100% net profit, and airdrop all the left in the TreasuryVester contract ( to all the other delegates base on their votes power.


The core team has a lot of vote they can delegate right now. I can just campaign openly about it and expect their voting to power. That should dampen the potential takeover

Why on earth would you want Uniswap defeated?

When is V3 going to be released?

Back in August the time frame was “in the coming months”.

This investment round will help us grow our team to build Uniswap V3, which will dramatically increase the flexibility and capital efficiency of the protocol.

We can’t wait to present our design to the Ethereum community in the coming months.

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Compared to sushi and polkadot developments uniswap v2 and its goverment is nearly dead.
No consensus emerge. We just remain on the given ground. Sushi and other providers will win due to flexibility. Most discussions here lead to exactly “nothing”. the uniswap devs are going for v3.

Give me any evidence, that we are not on a sinking ship.


Will any new Airdrop from Uniswap will happen again…?

The community would have to vote for it.
This is also off-topic.

First time I am participating in governance. So I must pay the homage to Uniswap since that is the first protocol I interacted with 2 years ago when I started my journey in Ethereum.

  • better capital efficiency. When the factory creates a pair, its liquidity is not shared with other pairs. Thus, slippage that could have been avoided gets ‘lost’ in the invariant.
  • dynamic invariant. curve like invariant for similarly priced tokens
  • protection against rug-pulls

I’m a brand new on the crypto community and I think one of the major things I noticed when started adding liquidity to LPs is the possibility of stacking the LP tokens. SushiSwap, 1inch have them.

It’s amazing the current volume we have and thinking in long term it would be great to attract more people. The UI is sooo simple and smooth that make it easy.
I think it would be great to allow stacking LPs (even if it’s blocked for 6-month-lock).

Is there a list with all the new things on V3 @allo ?

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