Focus on newcomers: healthy long term community building

Just to fact check and cover some of your points:

  1. None of Argent users were left out of the airdrop actually, if you provided liquidity to Uniswap through the Argent native integration you’d get the airdrop. Same if you used Uniswap through wallet connect. So to be fair it’s quite inconsistent for Dharma users to be left out.

  2. Argent users who used Kyber and got their trade routed through Uniswap were not eligible but that’s totally unrelated to contract wallet or EOA.

  3. Your point around delegation doesn’t make much sense to me. What would prevent Metamask, Trust wallet or Coinbase wallet to ask their users to delegate votes to them in 1 click? 100% of Uniswap users are using some kind of wallet.

  4. I’m Argent’s founder, yet I had no idea we had plans for an airdrop :slight_smile: you might want to double check your sources.