[Discussion] 100K+ USD Grantees to Introduce Themselves on the Forum

We hope the Uniswap community had happy holidays. We at StableLab have gathered various feedback on how to improve the Uniswap governance as well as suggested discussion points. Transparency and accountability are some of frequent mentions, especially regarding expenditures and grants.

We believe that the Uniswap Foundation has been pretty transparent about its expenditures including sharing them during various public calls. But do believe that there can be more communication regarding grants for the community. To clarify, this discussion is not advocating for the governance voting on every grant proposal that Uniswap Foundation or different Committees (such as UAGP) review, as that will overburden the community.

Rather, we believe that going forward, grantees that receive 100,000 USD or more worth of grant from Uniswap Foundation or relevant Committees should be required to make a forum post to introduce their works and ideally milestones as well (so to clarify, the community can’t revoke the grant decision.)

This will help to bring more transparency and accountability. For example, there are several that received sizable grants that we did not find forum posts nor much information about them. For example, if there was a forum post about Valve Finance, it could give more insight into how the grant was used and how it helped Uniswap, but for now the even the website is not working.

Or DeFi Alliance , which also doesn’t have webpage about this anymore

As 100,000 USD worth of grant is not so common but a significant amount of funding, we believe requiring such serves three purposes:

  1. Help the community to learn about those grantees that got significant support from the protocol (whether via Uniswap Foundation or Committees)

  2. Encourage grantees to be transparent and also perform as their works and commitments are more public

  3. Encourage Grantors to be more selective as they know those projects that get significant funding will need to be presented on the forum.

Next Steps

While there can be a discussion to make this into an official policy via passing votes, we believe that this can reasonably be a consensus or culture within Uniswap to adopt and enforce it in the future.


$100k+ Grantees won’t face extra workload since they can simultaneously provide updates and milestones to the appropriate committee and publish these updates on the forum, with an increased amount of transparency for the community. In favor of this.