Deploy Uniswap V3 to Boba Network

Are there any plans to integrate with Chainlink?

We are in favor of deploying Uniswap V3 onto Boba Network because we believe it will be a good way for Boba to increase the value of the company and its token. By integrating the Uniswap interface into their network, they will be able to increase the efficiency of exchanging crypto. Furthermore, we would appreciate more elaboration on who will be in charge of deployment and maintenance. Also, how much funding will be allocated toward bug bounties?

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We have ongoing dialogue with Chainlink but I cannot give an ETA on an integration at this time. We do support several other high quality oracles, as well as our native Hybrid Compute which offers some oracle-like solutions and VRF.

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As part of the license exemption request Boba is requesting to handle the deployment.

We do have an existing bug bounty program which may apply here depending on the issue. We are also currently revamping our bug bounty program with significant upgrades - the new program information should be released very soon.

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Hey Uniswap builders, PM me if you want to add any comment to the article

Boba Network seeks to deploy Uniswap v3 on its hybrid compute platform (

While GFX Labs generally favors additional Uniswap v3 deployments, we concluded that it would be premature to deploy Uniswap on Boba at this time. Note: DeFi Llama shows Boba with $3.7m in TVL.

When considering additional deployments, we like to focus on growing Uniswap’s market share of crypto trading and potential revenues from the additional deployment. In this instance, we lack the conviction to say a Uniswap v3 deployment on Boba would outweigh the potential downsides. If their chain grows further, we would be happy to reconsider.

This might be an excellent opportunity to set up a framework/checklist for future Uniswap v3 deployments as we think there are several opportunities for deployments on other chains/L2s.


Certainly market conditions have not been favorable to some network metrics like TVL after maintaining in the mid 9 figure range throughout most of the current downturn. I will also note that L2Beat shows TVL at a slightly more favorable ~13M.

What I’d really like to focus on though, is that we continue to develop even at the depths of a severe and extended market wide depression. We’ve already contributed 4M to Uniswap on L1, and are here committing another 1M. We’ve forged partnerships with major L1 players and shipped supporting products. We’re actively adding talent to the team, not cutting.

Though this progress may not be reflected in the current top line number, it certainly bodes well for a continued bright future. Bear market is for building.

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Completely agree that Uniswap should deploy on Boba, even during the bear market!

Boba did hit over $1 billion TVL in the last bull market. Liquidity can come and go extremely fast so it would be better to have Uniswap up and running by the time the next bull market hits, instead of waiting and trying to chase.

It looks like Sushi is already deployed on Boba.

I don’t see any downside.

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In favor of seeing Uniswap deployed on the BOBA network. It’s a good time to get the infrastructure in place to meet future demand. While TVLs are lower across the entire ecosystem, they will increase again.


Hi everyone,
Happy to say the on chain vote is now live: Uniswap Interface

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I support this proposal. Would be great to see Uniswap on Boba!

Boba has been hard at work building out its technical roadmap and its overall ecosystem. Uniswap and Boba Network both complement each other very well as they both continue to genuinely build a real product.

In response to the concerns, I think they are largely non-issues or largely related to the current overall macro conditions. Brand dilution doesn’t seem to be a real issue here, as Boba Network has a real team with real backers and is here for the long-run. Meanwhile regarding its DeFi ecosystem, Boba indeed has a lower TVL but the entire market has suffered a massive decline in TVL and this is more a reflection of macro than of its specific ecosystem. Uniswap v3 and Boba can have a symbiotic relationship in growing this TVL again as the market bottoms out and begin to range.

Overall deploying v3 on Boba is only a win-win for both sides and I strongly believe that the Uniswap community should move forward here on this approval.

v3 deployed on Boba will allow lower liquidity/mcap projects to thrive given the tiered LP design. paired with hybrid compute, Boba can become a compelling layer on which projects can build

Support! would be great to see Uniswap V3 launch on Boba!

Hi everyone,

It has been brought to our attention that further clarification is needed with regards to the License Holder Entity on the proposal.

We are going to update the current proposal and relaunch it early in the new year. Thank you for all the great dialogue so far and we’re looking forward to your continued support.

Happy Holidays!

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GFX Labs voted against the Boba deployment proposal in the consensus check per the below comment, and we voted against the on-chain proposal for the same reasoning. We believe the protocol’s time and efforts should be focused on chains with higher TVLs and user counts before supporting newer & smaller chains like Boba.


Hey everyone,
We’ve had amazing discussions with many of you and are happy to relaunch the on-chain voting with the modified language.

The proposal has been published and will open for voting on Friday, Jan 27.

Vote here starting Friday

Special thanks to FranklinDAO for their strong work in bringing this proposal forward, and to @Getty and the GFX team for their attention and guidance through the process.

Clarifying two points from previous discussion:
1- As an EVM chain, The Boba Foundation will be responsible for the deployment to Boba Network per the new Uniswap Foundation deployment protocol from a few weeks ago, requiring minimal work (if any) from the Uniswap Labs team.

2- Boba Network’s Native Bridge will be used to transmit governance decisions from Ethereum L1 to the Boba Network Ethereum L2 instance of Uniswap V3.

Thank you and looking forward to voting!


Voting is now live!

Vote Here

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GFX Labs voted in favor of a Uniswap v3 deployment on the Boba Network. With the BSL expiry upon us, we believe it is in Uniswap interest to deploy on existing and up-and-coming EVMs.


After careful consideration, Blockchain@Columbia has voted against the proposal with the following reasoning:
The Boba Network experienced a 99% drop in their TVL during the past 2 months. The decentralized exchanges (DEX’s) on Boba Network (like Oolongswap) only have a mid 5-figure daily volume as of today. Although these are understandable post-FTX and to some extent interpretable by the macroeconomic impact on the entire crypto sector, the profitability of Uniswap V3 on Boba Network is currently temporarily in doubt. Additionally and further expanding on this, there are inherent dangers to the brand image of the Uniswap Protocol, should the network or its associated deployment of V3 fall into misuse, get adversely affected, or popular chains of V3 not show profitable liquidity provisioning (as per the above brief analysis). Hence, to maintain Uniswap’s brand image, it would not be responsible to lead the brand and its community to deploy on Boba Network at this particular moment. Finally, even though Uniswap V3’s change of license is happening in 2 months, and the entire functional stack will be available under “GPL 2.0 or later” license, Boba Network or anyone in the ecosystem is still unauthorized to fork the project and make the entire V3 functional stack available on the network. A similar analogy (which we realize is not perfect but to which we would like to draw the attention of the community to) is that of the Android ecosystem: even though Android is for the most part open-source, unauthorized deployments of Android are still prohibited; specifically in our case, using the Brand Name of Uniswap V3, the front-end of Uniswap V3, and any trademarks that might be or might not be of relevance should still be disallowed despite the BSL expiry.

We welcome the feedback of the community on our points raised with the above commentary, and would encourage further consideration and open, public discussion around the licensing change and what this means for deployments, as it seems that there are many (significant) aspects which remain unclear.