Cross-Chain Bridge Assessment Process

Uniswap Bridge Assessment Committee: Community Update #1

The Uniswap Bridge Assessment Committee has kicked off its deep dive into the bridges under consideration and multi-messaging aggregation solutions provided by the community.

The following is a brief progress update.

Bridge Assessment Framework

Using the crosschain risk framework, the Committee members designed an extensive framework to assess the bridges under consideration. At a high level, it covers the protocol architecture as well as implementation, operational, and network risks. Each category is further broken down into more granular topics to ensure an effective and precise analysis of the bridges. The framework’s goal is to clearly identify and assess the protocol’s security, resilience, reliability, and sustainability.

Wormhole Assessment

The Committee has conducted the Wormhole risk assessment based on the publicly available information along with further diligence questions sent to the Wormhole Foundation. Overall, the assessment went well, but there still remains a few open items that we hope to close out in the coming days.

As the assessment process kicked off, the committee identified a number of areas that could be strengthened for the purposes of the Uniswap governance use case.

  • The Committee suggested relevant improvements to the implementation of the Uniswap-Wormhole connector, including message timeouts, ordering and replay protection, and worked alongside the Wormhole team to implement these changes.
  • The team also observed that two contracts were still controlled by the deployer EOA instead of Uniswap governance timelock, after its deployment. This was partly a result of a two-phase ownership transfer model used by the messaging bridge connector, which made transferring ownership over to the Uniswap governance contract difficult. This incongruence in the transfer model with Uniswap governance was not identified prior to deployment but has since been addressed. The Committee worked alongside the Wormhole team, GFX Labs, and the Uniswap Foundation, and this issue was quickly rectified by deploying an updated implementation with a single-stage ownership transfer model.

Committee Expansion

The Committee will be expanding with an additional 2-3 members, primarily on the auditing and engineering side. Our most recent member is Kimberly Adams, the Ex-cofounder of Bridge Network. Her expertise lies in designing system architectures and scaling blockchain-based products over the past 8 years. We are thrilled to welcome Kimberly and continue growing the team as we contribute to the wider cross-chain and Uniswap community.

Next Steps

While waiting for additional information to close out the Wormhole assessment, the Committee will be initiating a review of Bridge Agnostic Solutions to understand how bridge diversity will impact the output. This will inform the iterative research we conduct into each bridge structure and how we ensure recommend a holistic recommendation on a path forward for the Uniswap community.

We have established a strong foundation through our Wormhole analysis that will streamline each subsequent bridge. From this process, the team has a more precise understanding of the time required to conduct a thorough assessment and provide the most valuable output for the community. We are working swiftly and anticipate the completion of our work to be done by end of April or early May.

If you have any questions, please reach out to @benhoneill on Twitter or Telegram.