Consensus Check - UNI should fund a political defense organization for decentralized finance (copy)

Again, I guess I’m lost.

If the lobbying organization will promote laws that help Uniswap, then why wouldn’t Uniswap and its management, shareholders, and governance token holders control it?

And if this is the case, would it even be tax exempt?

If this is not the case - and the organization will not be accountable to Uniswap’s management, shareholders and governance token holders - and will promote “the general social wefare” determined by the new organization, why is Uniswap funding it?

Doesn’t this almost definitionally mean we are getting screwed and the funds won’t be used to help Uniswap?

Moreover, how does any of this work when the board would include someone on Uniswap’s payroll, outside lawyers hired by Uniswap in the past and legal heads of competitors? Who are they serving? How can they have so many jobs? How many ways are they getting paid? Who do they actually work for?


We know who they are serving. Look up the people on their list of “Specialists”; WEF (World Economic Forum).

This smells to high heaven I pray this doesnt pass, if it does we will have WEF people who we are just blindly supposed to trust to speak on behalf of this space.

Not only that but if you read what they said on the Temperature Check, " we hope if this passes we can encourage other Defi protocols to do the same". These people are scum, and they are afraid of losing power so they are coming at us lending a hand while holding a knife at their backs.

If this thing passes, I’m opting out of the entire Defi space, liquidating everything and moving to ADA, BTC, LTC, or Monero.


Vote this down, 25 million is too much, a WEF (you’ll own nothing and be happy) lawyer is involved, and the terms arent clear. A trojan horse in my opinion. I dont believe they have the votes or support anyway but still.


“Lets give the one chance (crypto) we have to have soverign money and give it to the people who want us sick, stupid, broke and dead.”

No thanks.

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I don’t think giving up is the answer, WEF stooges will work to get the benefit of this tech all to themselves and leaving them to it will do just that.