Consensus Check - UNI should fund a political defense organization for decentralized finance (copy)

@HarvardLawBFI I don’t know or care who any of you are, or what your intentions are.

You say you want to help yet you bring in one of the most corrupt people Sheila Warren who has connections to the World Economic Forum which have constantly stated they want a “Great Reset” of the entire world. Essentially creating an Elysium where the Elites have luxurious life styles and the rabble will own nothing and be happy.

No we need to fight against this, just made a video on this to reach as many people as possible. We got to bring everyone to fight against the machine, we did it with $GME and $DOGE now we got to do it here.

Who ever reads this, DO NOT just read what these authoritarians say. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, look at who they are bringing on and their past history.

If we let this happen they will go after AAVE, COMP, DY/DX, and other protocols. Eventually centralizing the entire ETH network.

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