Consensus Check - Should Uniswap Provide Voltz with v3 Additional Use Grant

The other week, the Voltz Labs team submitted a Temperature Check with the Uniswap community on our proposal to provide Voltz with a v3 Additional Use Grant in exchange for 1% of Voltz future tokens, alongside a number of non-financial benefits.

We were delighted and humbled by the response from the Uniswap community with over >99% voting in favour of the proposal. The Temperature Check also met the 25k UNI Yes threshold required to pass. Following this successful vote, the Voltz Labs team is now getting ready to initiate the Consensus Check on Snapshot.

We’re mindful that within the Temperature Check post there was a request for Voltz Labs to provide clarity on the language that we’re requesting be added to v3-core-license-grants.uniswap.eth in the event the proposal is successful. As a result, we’ve outlined below language that we believe reflects the nature of the request and discussion on the Temperature Check forum.

We look forward to any additional comments from the Uniswap Community. If there aren’t any additional comments, we’ll look to initiate the Consensus Check in the coming week.

Proposed language to be added to v3-core-license-grants.uniswap.eth if the proposal is successful:
Voltz Labs Technology Limited (“Voltz”) is granted an additional use grant to allow the Voltz DAO to use the Uniswap V3 Core software code (which is made available to Voltz subject to license available at (the “Uniswap Code”)).

As part of this additional use grant, the Voltz DAO (or until the Voltz DAO is established, Voltz itself) receives a limited worldwide license to use the Uniswap Code for the purposes of:

1. creating, deploying and making available aspects of an interest rate swap automated market maker (the “IRS AMM”);

2. to modify and update the IRS AMM over time; and

3. deploy the IRS AMM and portions thereof as smart contracts on blockchain-based applications and protocols.

The Voltz DAO and Voltz are permitted to use subcontractors to do this work.

This license is conditional on Voltz and the Voltz DAO complying with the terms of the Business Source License 1.1, made available at


Voting for the consensus check is now live on snapshot! We’re excited to see how the community votes, and excited about setting a precedent for DeFi & DAO2DAO collaboration!!