Binance's chain is a real problem for Uniswap V3

Agreed that ETH has the edge, especially in that they’ve earned trust which as you said does not come easy.

Emerging chains will have to gain trust, but if there’s no interaction between Uniswap and the other chains there’s no foundation to build that trust. This is what testnets are for.

I’m not advocating for us to store some of Uniswap’s TLV across chains immediately, but having source code ready to run on these chains and getting testnet Uniswap apps running on other chains is a cheap insurance policy to future-proof Uniswap’s relative dominance in the DeFi sphere.

I agree with the proposed idea. it is always better to keep alternatives, either in Defi or in other platforms.

What worries me is the centralization that BSC is generating. Binance is leading and betting very hard on all aspects of the crypto market. This reminds me of what we currently have with certain companies that practically have a monopoly in their sector within the Web.

Our project is different and we must attract more users to our environment. That benefits us all. I do not like that after the airdrop, many users have gone to the competition in search of supposed greater benefits. I think it is good to have memory and follow our roadmap and, of course, bet on our project

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Underrated post here

It’s clear to me you have a BSC agenda.

Or you’re currently unemployed since you appear to have a lot of free time you spent here trying to persuade people to move to BSC.

The problem is that BSC is literally the antagonist of what Uniswap is trying to be…so, would you rather join the dark side rather than beating it?

The truth is BSC is a REAL tangible problem for Uniswap and Ethereum as a whole, but the reality is that its only a temporary one - Optimism rollup will be here in a couple of months and BSC…which is basically a SWIFT system ran by CZ cronies will fade into oblivion.

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Sorry I’m a little new. How can the BSC increase gas fees on ETH?

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Can large pool investing like yearn mitigate a lot of those gas fees and provide the liquidity in eth.

I think that response wins :wink: