Binance's chain is a real problem for Uniswap V3

it’s easy to say that if you are not a developer. Those 21 guys pay back fees at least to developers. Uniswap and Etherium do nothing - I will build my on BSC for those reasons.

And if you find it to be a deadend, 1 or 2 years down the road, will you have spent your time wisely building on BSC?

Can you trust that Binance won’t just fold up the BSC and stick to their centralised exchange?

Ethereum, and other chains, have proven themselves far more committed to what blockchain tech is built for. BSC looks like a bit of opportunistic marketing of a platform that is still in the hands of one small group of people, creating a single point of failure.

As I said, Etherium does nothing for developers. This is why BCS will replace it.

and uniswap will move out of game, if don’t support bcs

If you believe that Uniswap will die, it’s not very clever of you to spend time here…
…just like it’s not very clever of you to spend time creating projects on BSV.

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I have the same thoughts on DeFi, however as a pragmatic software engineer and capitalist, competition is still at the core of this. Fortunately blockchain has seen less cutthroat competition and more collaboration.

While the ultimate goal is decentralization, the average person with no technical experience simply will not be able to comfortably jump into a fully decentralized and crowdsource-coded platform, we’re still at the awkward phase where we need good on-ramps, which require liquidity, backing, and support.

You’ve also ommitted the comments I’ve made where I’ve said that I want a better solution to BSC. Frankly, if you don’t like that BSC is taking market share, make a proposal.

We could easily use the UNI pool to fund developers to fork an EVM chain where UNI is the base token, allowing for Uniswap functions to take place with low fees, then immediately be bridged back to Ethereum.

I also don’t see any work being done on the code base in preparation for UNI running as a sharded Dapp or an ETH Validator Node once 2.0 comes out.

I’m not shilling CZ or Binance by saying that they have a fantastic UI, transaction speeds, and low costs, that’s just a fact. If ETH cuts into my profits, but I have another option that lets me continue the same level of passive income, I’ll take it, knowing that as the space matures I will be able to “have my cake and eat it too” when it comes to ease-of-use and cost.

I’m not changing my stance that DeFi will eventually be P2P, decentralized, and fully open-source. However it’s the responsibility of the party that feels like they’re being slighted to do something about it. I see a lot of complaining, and not many solutions. If it’s that big of a problem, let’s come up with a game plan everyone.

I’ve stated multiple times that I’m willing to offer my knowledge with building chains, bridges, networks, and DApps should the community wish. It’s an open invitation, I’d rather not use BSC, but it’s the fastest most liquid option at the moment.

I believe in uniswap but don’t believe to projects, who don’t care about developers will have long term life

Is this a paid post by Binance?

Writing a good software takes time. Wasn’t Unipig a preview? Unipig Exchange

I was thinking the same.

@heyJonBray writing such long answers to comments does look like paid advertising campaign by CZ.

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