April ‘24 Uniswap Report

Hello Uniswap Community,

We published our most recent issue of the Uniswap Monthly Report, summarizing protocol metrics for April 2024.

You can find our latest report at newsletter.oku.trade and subscribe for future monthly releases.

Here’s the executive summary:

  • In April 2024, the Uniswap Protocol processed $77.48 billion in monthly volume (-14%) across $6.26 billion in liquidity (-11.9%), earning market makers $125.29 million in fees (-21.3%).

  • Across all chains, Ethereum saw the most Uniswap volume with $42.3 billion in v3 pools, seconded by Arbitrum. Scroll had the highest month-over-month growth in volume and fees.

  • This month, the protocol experienced a relative increase in volume (+5.9%), liquidity (+1.2%), and fees (+5.1%) over competing DEX protocols.

  • Layer 2 deployments received 32.7% of all Uniswap volume, and liquidity fell slightly to 12% of the total. However, they generated 29.2% of fees, a new all-time high.

  • Three Uniswap v3 deployments were added to the report this month: Filecoin, Blast, and Linea.

The report contains charts and tables displaying the data and exact figures. We’re eager to continue aggregating this data and sharing our findings.

*Data was sourced primarily from the Oku API, with help from DeFiLlama and TradingView.