[RFC - Update] Deploy Uniswap v3 (1 / 0.3 / 0.05 / 0.01) on BNB Chain (Binance)

Hi all! Thank you for your comments and discussion over the past few days. As you have seen in the forum, new information on the bridge selected in the Temp Check proposal (Celer) has been made available since the Temp Check took place. Additionally, two new bridges – Wormhole and Layerzero – have raised their hands to be the provider for the BNB deployment (in addition to deBridge, the initial bridge selected prior to Celer).

For cross-chain deployment proposals, we believe it is most important to optimize for protocol security — specifically, for community members to be able to make informed decisions based on all available information on risks to bridge security. Secondary to that is clarity of process for all governance stakeholders. In order to satisfy both of those conditions, we propose the following next steps for this BNB proposal:

  1. For this BNB proposal only, we will have an additional Temperature Check for the community to vote on the four bridges which have been discussed in the forum or this proposal: deBridge, Celer, Wormhole, and LayerZero. This proposal will be kicked off by 0xplasma team at ~6 AM EST on Friday Jan 27 and last for 5 days until ~6 AM EST Tuesday Jan 31. (To be clear, we do not intend for this to set a precedent of bridge-focused Temp Checks in the future. We speak to creating an improved process in the future below)
    Snapshot poll is live now: Snapshot
  2. At that point, the winning bridge with the most UNI votes will be used in the final governance vote for the BNB deployment. The final governance vote will kick off on Tuesday Jan 31 after the completion of the Bridge Temp Check.

Looking forward, it is clear that cross-chain proposals can be improved for all governance stakeholders. Assessments of bridge security are time intensive and require significant technical expertise and context. Tomorrow morning in a new forum post, we plan to propose an initiative which aims to provide the community with an independent technical assessment of bridge risk for the community’s benefit. We plan to move this initiative forward ASAP so the results may be leveraged in upcoming cross-chain proposals.