[RFC] - Uniswap Foundation - Send a portion of the ARB airdrop to the UF

The Uniswap Foundation proposes that the DAO send 50% of the ARB airdrop to the Foundation’s multisig.

Two weeks ago, we posted a request for proposals to use the ARB received from the Aribtrum DAO’s airdrop. Subsequently, 9 proposals have been submitted. Each of these proposals is worthy of review to understand their goals and implications. We encourage the Delegate community to spend some time reading through them. In your reading, keep in mind that the DAO can vote to fund none, one, or multiple proposals.

This proposal serves as a backstop in case the community cannot come to consensus on which proposal or proposals should be funded by the DAO. The amount requested is subject to further discussion, and can be adjusted based on which proposals gain support.

The Uniswap Foundation’s grant program is purpose-built for allocating funds to people and teams that are building products to support the growth and expansion of decentralized finance generally and Uniswap in particular. Teams funded by the Foundation have built governance tools such as the DAO’s new Agora app, Scopelift’s Seatbelt proposal safety tool, governance-related Dune dashboards, an extensively-researched report on the cross-chain bridging landscape (due out soon) and more. Other Foundation grantees have built a wide variety of products that improve the LP experience, increase the speed of smart contract integration with the Uniswap contracts, and provide actionable pool-level metrics, among other things. A full report on the Foundation’s latest wave of grantees will be available in the coming days and this post will be updated to include a link to it.

If this proposal were to pass, the Foundation would use the ARB to fund projects that benefit both Uniswap and Arbitrum. Grants funded by the ARB would be reported on alongside other Foundation grants on a regular basis. Teams could apply and be funded through the normal grants process.

We are excited to dig into the proposals the DAO has received over the last two weeks and start engaging delegates to provide feedback. We are hopeful that the Community can rally around proposals that they believe will add value to the DAO and provide clear feedback to teams whose proposals do not make the cut. However, we are also cognizant of the fact that the Community has already voted to empower the Foundation to allocate capital on its behalf and may feel that it’s within the Foundation’s scope of responsibilities to manage the allocation of this grant. We make this proposal with that in mind.


Good stuff! I am supportive as there are lots of good bids to grow Uniswap dominance!


Thanks @eek637

While it’s good to have a backup as suggested in this proposal, it would be beneficial for the DAO to learn about some initial thoughts that UF has on the ARB grants program.

We would support this if brought to a vote.

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