Proposal: Paid Uniswap chat support

There are 250,000 addresses that used Uniswap directly and received airdrop. They didn’t have any teacher or support how to use Uniswap. Everyone who knows how to use Metamask wallet knows how to use Uniswap.

Let’s stop pushing personal agendas and start working on major governance issues that will bring UNI token intrinsic value.

I agree with higher rewards comes more contributors. The issue in the case of a core support team who is first mover receiving a lucrative contract (35k UNI), does not allow others to simply enter the support providing market. The barrier to entry for a first level discord support group is very very low. The barrier is raised when a contract is given to a small group, I would also say this disincentives others from giving that service for free while a group get paid.

An open and decentralized chat support platform does not exist that allows outside entrants to disrupt the initial support discord group (and allow price discovery of this service to emerge).

I think my main issue is that it is being paid in UNI (and is being asked at a premium) and the rate is not flexible based on a demand for services/competition of new entrants since it is going to a central team.

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Would the contract also be killed if UNI appreciates x amount? Lets say after 2 months the contract has sold around 49k DAI worth of UNI, does the contract get terminated or does the support team continue to receive more than the asked upon amount (50k DAI) over the course of the full year?

If the support team continues to receive more than its asked upon amount (50k DAI) in the case of appreciated UNI, then it sounds like its playing more of a speculative role.

The contract would be that we would do the work for a year, regardless of UNI price.

If UNI goes to 0, we will still work for the whole year.
If UNI goes to 100, we will still work for the whole year.

I would rather accept a USDC/DAI/ETH contract, but that just isn’t in the cards at the moment I don’t think, unless someone looking to buy 50k USD worth of UNI approaches me prior to launching the vote.

Considering 35k UNI is currently worth $136k (x2.737 premium). I do not think you would have much issue finding a buyer for the UNI for $50k.

Are you proposing that the UNI 1 year bond contract (customer service payable) be sold at time zero for $50k?

Maybe the vote should first be a solution to contracts being payed out in UNI vs a stable coin? There is major issues with long term contracts being payed out in UNI. As you stated you are wanting a premium which is assuming a bearish outlook, while my example of UNI going up and overpayment assumes a bullish outlook; by default this places services and those looking to start long term businesses in a situation of being speculators.

Sadly, doing this in a way that works despite the slow speed of governance requires some engineering work, which in itself is expensive unless someone wants to volunteer for the job. I can walk someone through the process of having governance do a trustless market sell of UNI for DAI or USDC, I just don’t have the time to build such a thing myself at the moment.

The proposal I think would work best would be to do a one time sell of UNI for DAI or USDC at notably below market rate (to deal with the slow movement speed of governance) and then use that 50,000 USDC/DAI to create a payment stream for support services.

Yeah…I agree with you naught…there are too many concerns that can occur in this. By the way, great proposal, great discussion…