Mobilizing the Uniswap Treasury

Thank you for partaking in this discussion, Atis.

Agreed–it’s a general pursuit we should look into regardless of market conditions. After doing some surveys last year, the sentiment was pretty mixed. Legal aspects aside, many folks wanted to wait for a bit of a run up before selling to prevent further tanking the price.

Correct. By stakeholders we are referring to a swath of groups, not just token holders (“shareholders”). This would involve LPs, swappers, target chains, delegates, Foundation, Labs, etc. It’s very much an ecosystem that collaborates to make sure Uniswap is sustained and grows. Treasury-based initiatives are meant to, in large part, indirectly deliver value to these groups of stakeholders. And yes, outsourcing development to Labs enables us to be more conservative if needed. Although I don’t know how sustainable Labs would be say, 10 years down the line. They’ve started introducing revenue streams, but is it truly unlikely that they never come to the DAO in the future for funding? Not sure. But in case that day comes, let’s be ready and have ample funds.

Agreed–and wouldn’t it be great if Uniswap is able achieve this goal? Gotta aim for the highest standard and be the DAO others look up to.


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