Deploy Uniswap V3 to Boba Network

GFX Labs voted against the Boba deployment proposal in the consensus check per the below comment, and we voted against the on-chain proposal for the same reasoning. We believe the protocol’s time and efforts should be focused on chains with higher TVLs and user counts before supporting newer & smaller chains like Boba.


Hey everyone,
We’ve had amazing discussions with many of you and are happy to relaunch the on-chain voting with the modified language.

The proposal has been published and will open for voting on Friday, Jan 27.

Vote here starting Friday

Special thanks to FranklinDAO for their strong work in bringing this proposal forward, and to @Getty and the GFX team for their attention and guidance through the process.

Clarifying two points from previous discussion:
1- As an EVM chain, The Boba Foundation will be responsible for the deployment to Boba Network per the new Uniswap Foundation deployment protocol from a few weeks ago, requiring minimal work (if any) from the Uniswap Labs team.

2- Boba Network’s Native Bridge will be used to transmit governance decisions from Ethereum L1 to the Boba Network Ethereum L2 instance of Uniswap V3.

Thank you and looking forward to voting!


Voting is now live!

Vote Here

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GFX Labs voted in favor of a Uniswap v3 deployment on the Boba Network. With the BSL expiry upon us, we believe it is in Uniswap interest to deploy on existing and up-and-coming EVMs.


After careful consideration, Blockchain@Columbia has voted against the proposal with the following reasoning:
The Boba Network experienced a 99% drop in their TVL during the past 2 months. The decentralized exchanges (DEX’s) on Boba Network (like Oolongswap) only have a mid 5-figure daily volume as of today. Although these are understandable post-FTX and to some extent interpretable by the macroeconomic impact on the entire crypto sector, the profitability of Uniswap V3 on Boba Network is currently temporarily in doubt. Additionally and further expanding on this, there are inherent dangers to the brand image of the Uniswap Protocol, should the network or its associated deployment of V3 fall into misuse, get adversely affected, or popular chains of V3 not show profitable liquidity provisioning (as per the above brief analysis). Hence, to maintain Uniswap’s brand image, it would not be responsible to lead the brand and its community to deploy on Boba Network at this particular moment. Finally, even though Uniswap V3’s change of license is happening in 2 months, and the entire functional stack will be available under “GPL 2.0 or later” license, Boba Network or anyone in the ecosystem is still unauthorized to fork the project and make the entire V3 functional stack available on the network. A similar analogy (which we realize is not perfect but to which we would like to draw the attention of the community to) is that of the Android ecosystem: even though Android is for the most part open-source, unauthorized deployments of Android are still prohibited; specifically in our case, using the Brand Name of Uniswap V3, the front-end of Uniswap V3, and any trademarks that might be or might not be of relevance should still be disallowed despite the BSL expiry.

We welcome the feedback of the community on our points raised with the above commentary, and would encourage further consideration and open, public discussion around the licensing change and what this means for deployments, as it seems that there are many (significant) aspects which remain unclear.


The Deployment Accountability Committee has identified the following commitment, but considering Uniswap is not deployed on Boba, it’s reasonable that such incentived adoption is not live as well.

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